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Real Skateboards ‘By Any Means’

Monday, September 11th, 2017


Real Skateboards are back yet again with brand new footage and accompanying video ‘By Any Means’. It’s hard to fault this lot I mean look at there diverse team, the constant trips and travelling they do and a video output that even in this day in age puts other brands to shame. ‘By Any Means’ confirms this with the brilliant cinematography and global footage from spots all around the world like the USA, Madrid, Barcelona and many other destinations. All of the Real team have clips but this video is mainly concentrated on the young guns Jafin Garvey, Willy Lara, Zion Wright and Jack Olson who are well and truly carrying the Real torch into the future. The video also features Davis Torgeson, Peter Ramondetta, Ishod Wair, Robbie Brockel, Dennis Busenitz, Jake Donnelly, Hermann Stene, Kyle Walker, Justin Brock, Nate Viands, Chima Ferguson and our own Harry Lintell.



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Robbie Brockel’s “Surveillance” Part

Tuesday, February 7th, 2017


Last Spring, in what probably was a first within skateboarding, Real turned Robbie Brockel pro half way through his PHXAM run. Now almost a year later, Robbie is back with a new part, the 5th installment of Real Skateboards ‘Surveillance’ series. Over its three and a half minutes run time, Robbie delivers hammer after hammer, through ditches, onto rails, over bumps, across gaps and flips into some seriously sized hubbas. Fellow Real riders Chima Ferguson, Justin Brock, Ernie Torres and Jack Olson join in with some hammers of their own. This is a blistering barrage of a video part so dont hesitate and click play now.



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