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Ryan Decenzo – Darkstar Part

Monday, April 24th, 2017


Ryan Decenzo has released a new part for Darkstar Skateboards via the Berrics website and it’s a jaw dropper. Despite pushing over the ”wrong” side of thirty, seven years in the pro game and his last part including that deep switch front three down Wallenberg, Ryan has somehow raised the bar to the next level. Pushing the boundaries throwing himself down handrails, gaps and stairs with little regard for his body, this isn’t just four minutes of straight up gnar though, expect some technical ledge combos, lengthy wallrides and switch polejams thrown in for good measure. The elder Decenzo brother really does bring home the (Canadian) bacon, click play below to witness this chomper of a section.



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Dwindle Distribution – European Summer Tour

Tuesday, July 26th, 2016


Heads up because there’s going to be some heavy hitting skateboarding coming to the UK as part of Dwindle Distribution’s European Summer Holiday Tour, which kicks off here in England later this week. There are only two UK dates set which are Friday 29th July at Bay Sixty6 in London followed by Saturday 30th which will be at Projeckts MCR ( The Pump Cage) with things getting underway from 6pm. Dwindle distribute some of your favorite skateboard companies like Zero, Cliche, Enjoi, Almost , Blind and Darkstar. With a crew consisting of Chris Haslam, TJ Rogers, Zack Wallin, Flo Mirtain, Ryan Decenzo, Tommy Sandoval, Kris Vile, Kyron Davis and Ben Raemers all coming for a shred you can expect this one to go off at the cage and will be one not to miss.




Saturday, May 28th, 2016




Ryan Decenzo has put out a new part and it is not to be messed with. I mean we all know how good his is at skateboarding and how his capabilities are endless but this is just next level. There’s a handful of skaters out there that combine technical abilities with hammers and Ryan is definitely one of those dudes. This may get a fair few of you out skating this sunny weekend and most probably persuading you to jump down some stairs. If not just simply enjoy the new RYAN DECENZO’S “ENTER THE RED DRAGON” PART as it’s power.


P.S. the front 360 featured near the start… mind blowing.


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