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New ‘Maybelol’ Manchester Scene Video

Thursday, April 16th, 2015

Whats the main reason you end up picking up a skateboard? To have fun! This is exactly what Sam Frost and his crew are doing, no serious stresses, just good times with your mates! Over the past year or so Sam has been documenting all the rad and fun stuff him and his crew have been up to!
Sam has put together a new Manchester scene video called ‘Maybelol’. It’s all about  going out with your mates shredding various North Western locations. You can expect to find a lot of quirky skating including plenty of wallrides/no complys on various spots you wouldn’t think possible. Our Black Sheep lurker/rider Josh Bentley opens the show with a powerful section leading into many more parts from such familiar faces in the Manchester skate scene. Our shop mosher Sexual Stu gets gnarly, Seb Batty gets fresh with loads more on a general hype! Guarantee you’ll be left in stitches from laughter but also hyped to go and shred some local spots in an unfamiliar way. Maybelol is 100% worth a watch… good work dudes!










White Noise Part 3

Thursday, December 12th, 2013


Yep we’ve been waiting on this one!


Rob Smith’s 2012 produced White Noise has slowly been making it’s way online via Sidewalk Magazine and today was the day he unleashed part 3.


Featuring Black Sheep team riders Eddie Belvedere, Jake Potts, Jirka Bulin, Chris Barrett, Andy Scott, Ollie Tyreman, Mathew Kelly, Killa Beez Ben Rowles and Nick Stansfield. Oh and thankfully Rob gets from behind the camera to smash the proverbial back doors in as well.



Well that’s the Manchester skate scene sorted then….. next….