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Sidewalk Sessions – Junction 4 with Eddie Belvedere

Tuesday, January 30th, 2018


Sidewalk Sessions – Junction 4 with Eddie Belvedere




The good folks at Sidewalk Magazine have launched a new video series, ‘Sessions’, documenting some of finest skateparks and spots our country has to offer beginning with Junction 4 Skatepark in Darwen, Blackburn and featuring our man and long time shop rider, Eddie Belvedere.


We were stoked to be involved with the debut of this new web-series and, considering a Thursday evening Skate Night at Junction 4 has seen us through a difficult winter, it didn’t take much motivation to rally up a heavy crew of shop riders and locals.


After driving through the rain and snow it didn’t take long for the Black Sheep Family to off with Eddie traversing his nimble feet over everything Junction 4 has to offer, Grandad Stu Reynolds coping dancing the steepest flat bank available, Aussie import Ricky Davidson charging in his usual understated powerhouse manner, recent flow boy for the three stripes Lucien Costello laying down all manner of complex flatbar combos and Reiss Johnson ending the evening by blasting the pool’s oververt.


Get watching and give thanks to your local indoor park if you’re fortunate enough to have one! Big thanks to Ben Powell, Ryan Gray and the guys at Junction 4 for hooking up an evening well spent!


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Kris Vile in LA for Almost Skateboards

Tuesday, August 22nd, 2017


It’s no doubt that Kris Vile is one of the most on it and productive skateboarders from the UK. Hailing from the often gloomy west midlands, the UK Vans rider never lets the rain dampen his efforts. A killer on pretty much everything on his skateboard whether it be street, ramp or park he has more motivation than most. Kris recently took a ten day trip over to LA to shoot some photos and film some footage for Almost Skateboards and Dwindle Distribution, his efforts come in the form on the edit below and for only being there for a short period of time only shows what an all rounder he is. Click play then head over to the Sidewalk website for the accompanying interview.



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Going Offshore – UK DC Team In Jersey

Tuesday, July 18th, 2017


Recently members of the UK and Irish DC team packed their bags and headed to Jersey for a short but sweet two day trip, their plan was to put on a demo at the skatepark in St Helier and hit up as many street spots as possible.  The mission featured riders Cian Eades, Sam Pulley, Dylan Hughes, Nicky Howells and Dave Snaddon, alongside ripping locals such as Luka Pinto and Dylan Catney. Have a watch of the edit below then head over to Sidewalk for the full article.



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War Of The Thistles 2017

Tuesday, April 4th, 2017


War Of The Thistles once again rolls around with the annual slaying of Scottish terrain. A two day style carnage competition where it’s cash for tricks all organised and royally respected by Skateboard Scotland


As ever Sidewalk Magazine made the epic journey to cover the event for all to see (and those to cool/lazy/rather skate the local asda to not bother supporting grass roots events like these, *rant over.) Props as ever for the UK’s longest standing skate mag for bringing us the imagery and edits for yet another epic War Of The Thistles. Head over to Sidewalk for more coverage along with a full comprehensive write up.


Oh and of course massive props to Black Sheep Family all terrain killer Jordan Sharkey for smashing it on day two and winning himself the sacred sword trophy! Now get your Scottish viewing fill of footage below courtesy of Sidewalk Magazine. Edits by Geggsman Ryan Gray with pictures from master lensman Chris Johnson.






Mark Baines – ‘In Progress Bonus Disc Part’

Tuesday, March 21st, 2017


We’re obviously huge fans of Sidewalk Mag here at the Black Sheep but we are also massive fans of their Sunday Service feature. This Sunday saw them post one of the best bonus parts from one of their most iconic videos. Back in 2011 they released the ‘In Progress’ bonus disk free with the December issue, it was filled with about half an hours worth of unused footage from the main ‘In Progress’ video which also featured the likes of Barney Page, Carl Shipman, James Foster, Conhuir and Denis Lynn, Tom Harrison, Nicky Howells, Black Sheep’s own Harry Lintell and many more UK shredders. The final section was held by none other than New Balance representative and one of the UK’s most productive heads Mark Baines along with appearances from Scott Palmer and Dave Mackey. Point your eyes in the direction of this overlooked gem to see some top quality skateboarding.



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New Balance Numeric – ‘Barge At Will’

Monday, October 24th, 2016


Part two of Sidewalk Magazine Issue 228 unlocked this morning with a great article documenting the European New Balance Numeric crew on their inaugural trip this past summer.


Lead by Lost Art bossman Dave Mackey – the team consisting of Axel Cruysberghs, Flo Mirtain, Karl Salah, Mark Baines, Andrew Evans, Jethro Coldwell, Jeremy Jones, Cam Barr and our boy Seb Batty made their way through the Leeds/Liverpool canal system this past summer hitting up cities along the way?


Yeah, already sounds good doesn’t it? Well check out the edit below to see what went down then hit the photo of Seb’s hefty switch crook to get re-directed to the Sidewalk article shot by boss lensman Chris Johnson!



Seb Batty, switch crook, Manchester, Sidewalk Magazine x New Balance Numeric Barge At Will Tour, photo - Chris Johnson



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Sidewalk Store Wars 2016

Tuesday, September 27th, 2016


Back for its second year after the massive success of 2015, Sidewalk Store Wars in association with Mountain Dew is bringing together 35 stores from across the UK and Ireland representing the bricks and mortar shops that are the grass roots of the skateboard scene on an even bigger scale than last time. Every week, six stores compete against each other to amass the most views on Sidewalk’s Facebook page in the hope of progressing to the final. So this week it’s our turn and we promise not to disappoint, but we also need your help as well so we can clinch that top spot. Everyday we will be sharing our videos so like, share and spread the word, we’re in it to win it! 



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‘FACES’ by Ben Chadourne

Wednesday, September 21st, 2016



Skateboarding has changed dramatically over the past few years, we have witnessed the burst of skateboarding in Europe, putting our gritty style of skating on the universal map. Europe as a whole has become more recognized than ever before and fairly so because the UK and all the shredders across the channel are killing it right now. This edit ‘FACES’ is a perfect example of why it has done so, filmed and edited by the master Ben Chadourne. Ben has captured the dudes who are right at the top as we speak such as Kevin Rodrigues, Hjalte Halberg, Vincent Touzery, Gregoire Cuadrado, Sean Pablo, Roman Gonzalez and many more. If you’d like to witness the freshest of footage from these guys then dive in right now. I guarantee you will not be disappointed…


Sidewalk Redux – Part 1

Tuesday, June 14th, 2016


Sidewalk Redux 1 first dropped back in May 2016 and accompanying the 180 page book was a DVD. The footage on the DVD has now been kindly uploaded by Sidewalk onto the internet for all of those who don’t know what a DVD is! It has skating from all over the UK, featured (among many others) are Chewy Cannon, Josh Young, Charlie Birch, Andy Evans, Joe Gavin, Rooney, James Bush, Chris Oliver, Barney Page, Doug McLaughlan, Mark Baines, Gav Coughlan and Black Sheep representatives Nick ‘Stannerz’ Stansfield and Harry Lintell, keep those eyes peeled for their banging tricks.



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Songs that include Skateboarding

Friday, April 29th, 2016


Being a skateboarder often involves random pissed up people shouting various lyrics from songs we all know and maybe don’t appreciate that include the topic, skateboarding. Considering there’s a fair few different ones I though I would put a collection together of songs that include skateboarding. You never know, this may also influence a decent playlist for your iPod to get down and dirty too whilst out and about shredding and it might even teach some of us the lyrics so we can join in with the public when they scream the song at us.




To start off with we have the dreaded Avril Lavigne song, ‘Skater Boy’. When this was released you could literally have the whole song sang at you whilst cruising through the streets. I mean most of us probably never actually heard the original, we just know it from when it’s being shouted at us from alcohol intoxicated humans. We don’t exactly skate past pubs screaming the lyrics from Oasis’s ‘Cigarettes and Alcohol’ song, or do we?



In the late 2000’s Lupe Fiasco graced skate shops all over the world with ‘Kick Push’. I felt like it was more accepted in the skate community because it was a hip hop track, but my god was it cheese, and mature cheddar cheese to say the least. I do not want to listen to or have anything dedicated to all my ‘Homies out there grinding’. I may be being a little harsh with this one and I probably enjoyed it for the first few times but now when this track comes on, simply skip the track man. Don’t get me wrong, the rest of his music is bang on and I would happily have a listen.



Who is this twat? I mean his music may not be related around skateboarding and his lyrics don’t talk about kick flipping the great wall of china but he has still called himself SKATE. Dude, what is that about. You are giving us guys a bad name so please rename yourself to something like Scoot or Blade please.



When a skateboarder suddenly decides to take up a career as a rapper. I mean Jeremy Rogers, you actually used to be good at skating but please put the microphone down and leave it to the various musicians like Wu-Tang who know what they are doing.



On a positive note, OPM killed it back in the day when they released ‘Heaven is a Halfpipe’. Now this is possibly the only track that is based around skateboarding that we can all sit down to and appreciate. Possibly even sing along is the spirits high. What skateboarder doesn’t dream of having a halfpipe in heaven, I certainly do as that would be amazing. Skate or die people, or die then skate a halfpipe in heaven, sorted.


Well there’s 5 tracks to add onto your next playlist, guilty pleasures for anyone? I would certainly like to know and if you guys can think of anymore songs that include skateboarding then fire them over to our Twitter page.