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101 Reissue Skateboards

Thursday, April 7th, 2016





Something extremely exciting is just around the corner for all you skateboard enthusiasts. Maybe more so for the older generation although I’m sure it will appeal to all generations as Dwindle Distribution are re-releasing some of the old but yet powerful 101 skateboard graphics. 101 had a short life span quite a few years back and were well known for their gnarly graphics. Well saying gnarly I personally thought they were amazing, although probably not for the religious or softies out there. The original graphics were produced by artist Marc McKeen and now thanks to Dwindle you guys will be able to yet again (almost 30 years later) take home a choice between two boards that are featured on the left of the image below.





However, the boards that are featured on the right of the image were created by Sean Cliver as a tribute from Cliche Skateboards to 101 skateboards which is fantastic. As you can tell they are almost a newly updated version taken from the original designs. I am very happy that Cliche have taken up the responsibility to endure this task as both brands are shit hot and the outcome is as good as they get! They are a number of us at The Black Sheep Store who are huge fans of 101 and the graphics they produced so this is excellent news. If you ever visited our Church St store you may have seen the artwork by Marc McKeen on the shop walls. If you didn’t then there is an edition of the Gabriel Rodriguez deck that is set up as a cruiser at our current store on Dale St. You may have witnessed the gaffer, who is the pride owner of the cruiser, using it to cruise over to the sausage and mash stall at Picadilly Gardens on a Thursday/Friday. Here it is featured below, now that’s a piece of skateboarding history right there, especially as there is a wheel missing.


rodrigues cruiser


Not only can we expect to see the decks go on sale but there is also a small amount of clothing available too. You do not want to miss out on this drop as it’s going to be big and we are expecting the product to fly off the shelves. I’ve already got my eyes Natas Devil deck. Have a look at all the expected clobber below then keep your eyes peeled as NEXT WEEK sees one of the best drops skateboarding has seen for a long time.


101 sonnay



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Enjoi Oververt – Shop Premiere At The Black Sheep!

Tuesday, November 4th, 2014

Keep Friday the 7th of November free as we at The Black Sheep Store will be having Enjoi’s newest video ‘Oververt’ premiered in our city center store. It will be starting at around 5.30pm so feel free to come and join us to watch skateboarding’s newest full length DVD. Enjoi has been producing some fine skateboards since the 2000’s. They have also brought out some banging clothing during their lifetime too so be sure to check them out over on our website.





Good friend of ours Ben Raemers recently turned pro for them so this will be his first section in an international video and I’ve heard it’s powerful. One of the raddest dudes alive and an incredible skater. Good work Ben!! You can also expect sections from other team riders such as Cairo Foster, Caswell Berry, Wieger Van Wageningen, Louie Barletta, Nestor Judkins, Jose Rojo and Jimmy Carlin. The last full length video they released in 2006 called Bag Of Suck was one to remember, and then their promo footage was released in 2012 called Tweak The Beef, Oververt is going to be a full featured video with proper parts so I’m expecting some great things from this one. Here’s Caswell Berry with his section from Bag Of Suck to get you hyped….




Thursday, July 10th, 2014

Back in 1991, Mike Ternasky put together one of the most dominant teams in the history of skateboarding, and many people agree that Plan B’s Unquestionable is the best skate video of all time! After his tragic death in a car accident in 1994, the future of the team seemed to be over.  Skip to 2005 and founding team members Danny Way and Colin McKay relaunched the company, with a new choice super team to carry on the dream and legacy of Plan B skateboards, and now the new era of Plan B is here!

Yes it’s that time we’ve all been waiting for…… the new PLAN B  video is on it’s way and I can’t wait! You should expect some insane stunts from the likes of Danny Way, Colin Mckay, Ryan Sheckler, PJ Ladd, Torey Pudwill, Pat Duffy, Felipe Gustavo and their new up and coming ams Trevor Mcclung and Scott Decenzo. Looking at the team above I’m positive this video is going to please all types of skaters from the vert lurkers to the street dogs to the gnarls. Personally I’m most looking forward to seeing a Ryan Sheckler part again. Going to be mint! Check the trailer below for a taster of what’s to come when Plan B True is finally released!