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‘Don’t Chat Productions’ by Stannerz

Friday, December 18th, 2015


nick stansfield dont chat productions



Expect big things in the new year as our team rider ‘Stannerz’ has only gone and got himself a bloody Go-Pro. Therefore giving us the birth of skateboarding’s latest company, ‘Don’t Chat Productions’. It isn’t your average day to day malarkey so be prepared. It’ll be about combining good times with skating. An even balance is the key to success and Stannerz has had that nailed since he cricked his neck back in 2006. For those that are struggling to even bunny-hop on their penny, you don’t need to worry as everyone is legit enough to be featured, no matter who you are or what coloured socks you wear. Heel flips are more than welcome, no comply’s by the dozen and Stella enthused partying will be included. It’s going to be mental, a universe never been seen before will be unlocked right before your eyes in 2016. Footage is already stacking up higher than a human pyramid so hit ‘Stannerz’ up if you’d like to be part of something mega.





Some of you may think this is a complete joke, but I assure you it isn’t. Manchester is prepared and so should you be. ‘Don’t Chat’ will also be doing monthly memberships costing you just £3 every month. A small price to pay to be part of something great. The membership will include the following in a ‘Don’t Chat Productions’ party bag……


  • Free sticker
  • A cold can of Stella
  • 20 minutes of free filming with Stannerz, giving you a chance to capture a trick for the video
  • Respect for life
  • Free entry into the infamous Black Sheep Store


Once the company has made millions each member will be refunded all membership costs. – VAT



simon cowellSimon Cowell was photographed leaving an important meeting with the Don’t Chat Productions team. One of many investors, 420.


Stannerz’s wise words, ‘Spike Jonze started his career with a Go-Pro n I’m going to do the same?! Dream big and simply DON’T CHAT WHAT YOU DON’T KNOW!!!’ For more information contact the man himself via Facebook/Instagram. T-shirts, stickers and social media are all in production so keep those eyes peeled. Have a watch below at a cheeky off-cuts wallie by Stu Granola Reynolds to get you hyped.








Stannerz Hassles Fos

Friday, March 20th, 2015


Instead of writing about the top dogger Fos, we thought it would mint if we got our mate Stannerz to ask him a few random questions. Makes sense since he rides for one of Fos’s companies Landscape Skateboards. You may not already know this as well but Fos was kind enough to design our infamous ‘stacked’ Black Sheep Logo which can be seen all over the streets of Manchester. Have a read below to see what happened…




So then Fos, Tell me a little about yourself.

I was born in Bury and grew up in Rawtenstall, Lancashire, went to art College in Burnley, then ended up moving to London when I was 20, I went to Goldsmiths college down there and ended up staying down after I graduated. I got a job at the Slam Warehouse in 1997, I started a Skateboard company called Heroin in 1998, then another called Landscape in 2003. I’m the art director for Altamont apparel and Baker skateboards, I moved to Los Angeles in 2011.


What are your strengths?

Drawing. Getting the job done, having a good work ethic.


What are your weaknesses?

Not knowing when to quit. Organization, paperwork.


Which would you pick up first a scooter or a pair of blades?

Ugh, a scooter cos I can throw the thing away, blades would be attached to you.


Why did you choose this industry?

My old man wanted me to be a plumber or an electrician or something, I was only ever interested in art and skateboarding, so it was natural that I’d end up in this industry. My first skateboard graphics were for Toy Machine in 1997.




What do you know about this industry?  

That its very small, its run by about 8 people in the UK and 20 people in the USA. Its similar to those other industries like if you start a record shop or book shop, there’s no money in it really. Everyone wants to open a skate shop or run a board company, but its very difficult to make money that way. If you sell septic tanks or washing machines, or something completely unglamorous that nobody wants to do you’ll totally clear up.


If you could bring something to the table what would it be?

I like to think that I have. When I was at Slam most of the UK skaters were on flow deals from US companies, there were very few UK companies at the time, and I definitely didn’t fit into what most of them were doing, so I started Heroin, and it gave people a platform to make a name for themselves. 

And whatever era of Heroin you look at, be it the graphics or the riders, Snowy’s first part in Good Shit, a Chris Pulman part, a full Howard Cooke part in LFA, Colin Fiske, Rogie, Gou Miyagi, Deer Man of Dark Woods, its always tried to bring something new to the table rather than copy anyone else.


If you were at a business lunch and you ordered a steak and they brought you a quorn slab, what would you do?

Throw it out the window.


What do you like to do in your spare time?

What fucking spare time? Geez, I don’t have too much of that anymore. I got married a couple of years ago, so I kick it with my missus. We like to go and shoot guns at the gun range. Just trying to keep busy and find time to skate still really though.




What kind of car do you drive?

A 1974 Camaro. Thing is a Beast! I didn’t move to LA to drive a ford Fiesta.


If you were to wear high heels or Heely’s for the rest of your life which would you choose?

Heelys I guess. You can keep it undercover.


What is your greatest achievement outside of work?

Having my mum be proud of me.


Art or Skateboarding?

Skateboarding, always. I’ve drawn since I can remember, and love art, but skateboarding has sent me all around the world and when I go abroad I’m always on a mission to skate spots, I never go to galleries or anything. 


What irritates you about people?

When they’re from Stockport. ha ha. Just kidding. Shitty drivers in LA usually in White Prius’s. 




Mullet or Mohican? 

Mohawk for days. I’ve rocked em in the past. I even got upgraded to first class on a flight cos the bird thought I was the bloke from Travis.


Do you have any questions for me?

Nah, ha ha.


We would like to thank Fos for making some spare time to put up with Stannerz. We hope LA is treating you well dude. Catch Fos killing it below amongst others in Heroin Skateboards ‘Magic Sticky Hands’ which was released in 2006…..