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Vans Versa DX Hoodie – Skateboarding Is Not A Fashion

Friday, January 19th, 2018


Vans Versa DX Hoodie – Skateboarding Is Not A Fashion


This ones a bit special for all you skateboard memorabilia collectors out there! For those keeping up to date via our blog on the soon to come release of the next level tech Vans Versa Hoodie DX you don’t need telling anymore on that hot drop from Vans. To coincide with our delivery of the above products the good folk at Vans Pro Skate have gifted us a very highly limited box set comprising of an air sealed packed Versa DX Hooded Sweatshirt along with the as yet unreleased book by Dirk Vogel titled ‘Skateboarding Is Not A Fashion.’




For those living out of the social media world circus recently, this book release has been heavily circulating various feeds over the past few days. The original concept for the book was to try cover all brands and there history in shaping skateboarding as we know it but after the realization of such a task Dirk and friends managed to hone it down to key brands and their owners. Along with all the ridicuosly amazing content contained within this hardback book, the contributing photographers  is somewhat of a feature within itself.


Expect to see key untold stories from the likes of Steve Rocco (Wolrd Industries) Stecyk III of Zephyr fame, Rich Novak from the legendary NHS Santa Cruz camp plus many,many more industry shaping figures. Also see the perspective from the Pro riders of the era including Vans backed Tony Alva, Christian Hosoi and Steve Caballero along with a whole other host of skate to create innovators of there time.


So following on from the mention of the fine gift described above we thought it only fitting to give one of these away FOR FREE over on our Facebook page with a simple like, tag four friends (and be sure to be following our page.)


Its that simple, click the link above to get involved and a winner will be picked on the 31st January 2018.




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Thirty Years of Animal Chin

Monday, October 31st, 2016


Thirty years on from the iconic Powell Peralta video ‘The Search For Animal Chin’ the Bones Brigade has regrouped for a very special occasion.


Tony Hawk, Steve Caballero, Lance Mountain, Mike McGill and Tommy Guerrero accompanied by photographer Grant Brittain attended a heavy and nostalgic session on a re-built version of the iconic ‘Chin ramp’ to re-shoot Brittain’s famous four-man invert photo.


This really is a brilliant way to celebrate such an influential part of skateboarding history so without further ado, let Tony and the gang put a smile on your face.





Propeller – The Vans Video

Tuesday, March 17th, 2015



So its finally been announced, officially,  the long awaited, highly anticipated, first-ever feature-length video from Vans will be released in May 2015! ‘Propeller’ will be directed by acclaimed skateboard film maker Greg Hunt who has worked on some of the most memorable skate videos like The DC video, Alien Workshop’s Mindfield and numerous Transworld videos like Sight Unseen and Viedeoradio to name just a few. The video will feature full parts from some of the biggest names in skateboarding alongside appearances from some of the true legends of our culture. Starring in Propeller will be Anthony Van Engelen, Tony Trujillo,  Geoff Rowley,  Gilbert Crockett,  Chima Ferguson,  Chris Pfanner,  Kyle Walker,  Daniel Lutheran,  Elijah Berle,  Pedro Barros,  Curren Caples,  Andrew Allen,  Dustin Dollin,  Jason Dill,  Omar Hassand, Rowan Zorilla with Steve Caballero,  Christian Hosoi,  Jeff Grosso,  Ray Barbee,  John Cardiel and Tony Alva.


With a line up as good as that May 2015 can’t come quick enough! The exact release date has not yet been released but keep your eyes peeled on our blog and our other social media outlets and as soon as we know we will spread the word! For know heres the official trailer, it doesnt give much away but it sure builds up the hype for the first ever Vans video!