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Chris ‘Cookie’ Colbourn is pro for Element skateboards

Saturday, December 7th, 2019

It’s taken a while and generated a fair amount of forum conspiracy theories in the process but, finally, Chris ‘Cookie’ Colbourn is pro for Element skateboards.



After being left out of the most recent Element full-length, (directed by ex Emerica video head honcho Jon Miner) it looked very much as if this multi-talented North Dakotan ripper would be stuck in man am purgatory forever. Slap’s vociferously outspoken forum community offered various potential reasons for this, from aesthetic conflicts with Jon Miner over filming, through to more wild theories regarding his War & Peace being part just being too good to sit amongst the 60 minute full-length without taking away some shine from his team mates.
Regardless of whatever the thinking was behind this bizarre omission – this unassuming maniac’s ascension to pro status was announced yesterday making him the latest pro skater for a brand with a massive back catalogue of highly influential and era-defining pros.


With the above in mind, we thought it provided excuse enough to remind you of a few other memorable pro skaters to have emerged from the Element Skateboards brand over the 20+ years since its birth.
Props must be given to Element also for having an extremely diverse approach to team riders right from the very outset, with an unashamed embrace of non-US skaters stretching back into the earliest days of the brand.

So without further ado – here are a brace of some of our favourite Element heads from over the years in descending chronological order.



Curtis McCann – Skypager – 1993

This one is from the very first Element video release, back when the brand was co-owned by Andy Howell and Johnny Schillereff (Element’s current CEO) and was called ‘Underworld Element’ prior to the 1994 re-brand as ‘Element’.  Aside from notable appearances in various Powell-Peralta videos, this is UK legend Curtis McCann’s only full pro section and coincided with the release of his pro model on UE making Curtis the first UK street skater to receive a pro model from a US skateboard brand. Light years ahead…



Next up, from the same 1993 release is Julien Stranger’s (yes, he rode for UE too) Skypager part.
Pay close attention to 1:11 for the first ever documented nosegrind pop out and the last trick which still makes no sense 26 years later. This part could come out today and still blow minds.
(Watch the full Skypager video here.)

Chris ‘Cookie’ Colbourn is pro for Element skateboards




Jumping forwards a year and we have another super progressive before-its-time section from the much missed DC native Pepe Martinez. Count the NBDS in this one and pay atention to the style. Lord Finesse!
Pepe Martinez – Element ‘Fine Artists’ 1994



Next up, it’s 1998 and Tim O’Connor joins Element with this short but banging shared part on their ‘Third Eye View’ release. Nollie hard flip nods to Julien Stranger’s Skypager part at 1:35.

Chris ‘Cookie’ Colbourn is pro for Element skateboards


The year 2000 sees Element skateboards bless us all with one final, short-but-sweet section from one of skateboarding’s most influential and often overlooked pioneers – namely Natas Kaupas (click this link for more).



It’s 2005 and Element skateboards release ‘Elementality Volume 1’ – this is peak Bam Margera madness – driving Ferrari’s over unicorns, FDR destruction and a pre-booze addled Bam.



The first decade of the new century begins with the 2010 release of Element skateboard’s first European focused project showcasing the likes of Ross McGouran, Madars Apse, Phil Zwijsen and various others.
Full-length below.

Chris 'Cookie' Colbourn is pro for Element skateboards



A year later and Element’s golden child Nyjah Huston announces his return to the brand with eight minutes of handrail destruction in the form of 2011’s ‘Rise & Shine’ stand alone section.



Two years later and Flip skateboards SOTY and Canadian big lad Mark Appleyard jumps ship, announcing his switch to Element skateboards with this 2013 ‘Soul Rebel’ part. The steez…



Closing up on the present day now so what better place to end this than with Brandon Westgate’s epic 16 minute raw files War & Peace release from Thrasher? When you’ve got Heath Kirchart towing you in on the sesh, you know you’re 100% down with the greatest.




And there you have it: a whistle-stop tour of some of your favourite Element skateboards releases from the last two decades. If your wallet is now itching to spend some coin – why not head over to the site and have a peruse of our massive Element range, including a huge sale section on jackets and winter apparel?
Happy hucking…
Chris ‘Cookie’ Colbourn is pro for Element skateboards!

Love Park Will Be Missed!

Thursday, February 18th, 2016




Every now and again various architects produce some mind blowing architecture. Architecture that us skateboarders can go and make the most of. Whether it be outside a local shop or a square. For example Manchester has Urbis, a skate spot that has been skated for a huge number of years now and the spot can be related to our city. Philadelphia City has Love Park, different to our Urbis that is known widely around the UK. Love Park is an international skate spot that pretty much every skateboarder will have heard of. You know it’s made it onto the skateboard map when Wikipedia have a section when searching Love Park called, Skateboarding In Love Park. Although sadly, the Love Park days have come to an end as it has been closed for construction, for the third time trying to keep our creativeness away from the most perfect spot in skateboarding.



love park crew


The locals such as Ricky Oyola, Anthony Pappalardo, Stevie Williams and Josh Kalis were really the ones that made this perfect spot famous around the world. Especially when Dan Wolfe starting to document the spot filming various skateboarders tearing it apart like Bam Magera, Tim O’connor, Fred Gall… The list goes on and on, trust me. When people who were located outside of Philadelphia heard about this spot, they made the journey from all over to see what all the hype was about. This obviously increased the popularity, meaning it was never seen without several skaters making the most of the marble on offer. It wasn’t just the marble that was made use of, the infamous massive fountain gap that has seen some shocking tricks go down was a highlight. The various kickers over bins, manuel pads, marble ledge after ledge, drop down ledge and the most famous 3 sets to grace this world. Lets just say it had it all.



love park spots


I mean Love Park in international skateboarding culture, led to Philadelphia being chosen to host the 2001 and 2002 X-games. Viewed by 150 million people in over 18 countries and attracting nearly a half million spectators during the two year stay. But then it was still illegal to skate there after everything it had done for not only skateboarders but the city itself, madness. I can’t begin to explain how annoyed the locals must be as I’m getting annoyed and I’m sat at a computer in Manchester. And unfortunately  have never had an opportunity to skate there. We can all relate to a local spot that you’ve skated from an early age being knocked down or skate stopped though, it’s heart breaking. To show some love back to one of the best spots and most influential places skateboarding has ever seen here’s some parts/videos where Love Park has been featured. Enjoy people as I doubt you’ll be seeing anymore new footage from this place in the future…




Anthony Pappalardo, stolen from his part in Habitats, Mosaic. If you haven’t already seen this section anyway then what are you doing, it’s a classic!!




Josh Kalis in Photosynthesis. One of the Love Park regulars showing everyone how it’s done.




Stevie Williams in the DC Video. Now this was a part that shocked the world. Stevie a Love Park local, with a pop bigger than the park itself, legendary.





Ricky Oyola 411 #10 (1995), note the switch wallie at 1:37 that’s lurking in one of the longest and most stylish lines to grace Love Park.






This clip of Ishod is the best video to actually comprehend how big the Love Park fountain gap actually is. It’s huge and if Thrasher’s recent skater of the year struggled, you can imagine it’s not your average gap.





Fred Gall was a familiar face that used Love Park to its advantage. Plus he’s a pal of The Black Sheep’s so we couldn’t leave this dude out!





To finish on it had to be none other than the Love Park documentary by ‘ON video’ that came out in the early 2000’s. The first skateboard documentary I ever saw and to be honest I haven’t seen a better one since. Maybe because the amount of skating Love Park has seen is phenomenal, or maybe because the people and the history this place has produced is just spectacular. Love Park will always be a huge part of skateboarding and it has contributed so much to skateboarding.


Another skate spot bites the dust… LOVE PARK WILL BE MISSED!



Some Must See Sections

Thursday, November 26th, 2015


As myself (Stannerz) and Sexual Stu were working in the notorious new Black Sheep Store the other weekend we were surrounded by a load of skate rats asking every question under the sun. So we decided to ask a few back which were….


Who had, in your opinion, the best section in Flip Sorry?


To the response that shocked us into an early grave….


What’s Flip Sorry?


At this point we were losing faith in the skate youth but we kept concentration and thought alright, you may have missed that one but you’ve heard of Arto Saari, Tom Penny, Rune Glifberg etc right?


Another shocking response….


No never, who are they?


From this I thought it would be compulsory to post a few must see sections that some of you may never have set eyes on and should’ve by now…..




To start of with and finally put an end to this misery we have Tom Penny and Arto’s section from Flip Skateboards ‘Sorry’ that was released in 2002. They’re are some other incredible sections in this video so if you can, find the full length feature online. The sequel was ‘Really Sorry’ and finally ‘Extremely Sorry’ even later in life. All a must see!




Next we have Eric Koston’s section from the infamous ‘Yeah Right’. Created by Girl Skateboards in 2003. It was for the time and even now a mind blowing video. Watch Koston’s first line and I’m pretty sure you’ll be hooked!




Transwold also in 2003 released Free Your Mind. A good year for skateboarding as this is yet another incredible video. We have Dan Drehobl’s part here who is a transition king but don’t stop there as the rest of the video is really worth watching.




Not long after in 2004 Chocolate skateboards released the Hot Chocolate Tour. It isn’t just amazing skating that is featured but also interviews with the team. Gives you a feel for what life on the road would be like when touring on skate trips. It was really hard to choose from this one but I went with Mike York since he’s not only a stylish skater but also a really nice dude.




Heath Kirchart.



and another!




Jason Dill is one of the best. His part in Habitat’s Mosaic, too good! Song choice on point, skating is next level. You’d be stupid not to appreciate this section.




Stevie Williams in The DC Video. One of the biggest and best G’s to ever step foot on a board. Big poppa!




Got to appreciate a vert section too and why not Bob Burnquist’s part from Es ‘Menikmati’ which was released in 2000. Bob’s a switch killer so see if you can figure out what stance he actually is from this part, you’ll struggle.




So far the sections have been from over the seas but don’t forget the UK/Europe has also seen some incredible shredders put out parts. Here’s a few from our roots that is gritty UK skateboarding. Starting with Scotland’s John Rattray, this dude is nothing but unstoppable.




Over the years Blueprint have brought out plenty of really powerful DVDs. There was ‘Waiting For The World’, ‘Lost and Found’, ‘Make Friends With The Colour Blue’ but my favorite of all time has to be First Broadcast. When I first set eyes on this video I was out skating the streets in a matter of seconds after watching it. Maybe because it was easier to relate to the gritty spots the UK has to offer that are right on our door step. Nick Jensen steals the show and due too the recent Isle Skateboards ‘Vase’ video that will soon be on sale in store I thought it makes sense to show this section.





Finally to finish off we have my favorite section of all time and that’s Snowy’s from Landscape’s Portraits. It also has a powerful song choice with Manchester’s Stone Roses ‘Elephant Stone’. It was filmed and edited by one of skateboarding’s best filmmaker’s Mr Christopher James Massey. Chris sadly passed away recently, such sad news but he left us with many memories including this masterpiece that is ‘Portraits’.




Thank you for watching. There are many more sections that are not included as the list goes on but here’s a good few to get you started. Skateboarding is the best and it’s a real privilege to be part of something so great. Peace.