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Latest Stussy drop | Stussy video recap from over the years

Thursday, June 4th, 2020

How Original from Stüssy on Vimeo.



With the arrival of 2020’s latest Stussy drop in store and online, we thought we’d take this opportunity to shed a little bit of light on this most OG of skate/surf streetwear brands. Founded in Laguna Beach back the early 80’s by surfer and skateboarder Shawn Stussy, the brand that created the format for what we now know as ‘streetwear’ began life as a marker pen scribble adorning Stussy’s hand shaped surfboards.



Not long after, that very same scribble evolved into the now universally recognised logo (based on his Uncle Jan’s actual signature) and the brand took its first steps into the world of soft goods. Stussy began selling shorts, caps and T-shirts bearing the same logo out of the back of his car and thus one of the first ever streetwear labels, (long before the term ‘streetwear’ really existed) was born.
From these humble beginnings Stussy went on to partner with Frank Sinatra Jr (no, not that one) and expanded, opening a boutique home brand store in SoHo, New York, setting up international distribution and being one of the first brands of its kind to see their clothing sitting alongside high end designer fashion labels. As such, Stussy laid the foundations of the model later adopted by British-born Supreme founder James Jebbia, who had worked with Shawn Stussy prior to opening up the first Supreme store (also in SoHo) back in 1994. The brand basically created the template of how to fuse the worlds of catwalk fashion with functionality to create clothes that look equally dope down the local fancy beer boozer or whilst you’re sliding through tramp’s piss trying to conquer the snide 3 at Aldi.
Latest Stussy drop Stussy video recap



With that little potted history out of the way, allow me to take you on a short guided tour of some primo content produced over the years by Stussy. Their team has changed a great deal since the beginning of the brand but I genuinely think you’d be hard pressed to find anybody who made Stussy garms look cooler than the UK’s very own Curtis McCann who ran their gear super hard in the late 80’s. With that fundamental statement of truth out of the way, feast your eyes on some recent, and not so recent, Stussy video output above (in the shape of the most recent clip ‘How Original’ featuring the current team), and below, via a smattering of 90’s era Stussy skate video gold. Enjoy.


If you fancy dipping your furloughed fingers into the latest wavey garments delivered by this titan of the streetwear universe then head over to the webstore to see the full latest Stussy drop online now.


2017’s ‘Tribe’ video featuring Kevin Terpening, Caleb Barnett, Aaron Loreth, Jesse Alba, Max Klein, and Lance Mountain.

TRIBE from Stüssy on Vimeo.



Mid 90’s nostalgia here with a Stussy London clip from 411VM Issue 43 (2000) featuring Keith Hufnagel, Richard Mulder,Scott Johnston, Chad Tim Tim,Danny Montoya and Justin Reynolds hitting various London hotspots.



And last but not least – more 411VM nostalgia with the same Stussy crew as above hitting Japan for 411 62 (2004). God I miss 411VM.

Stussy Spring 2018 Collection

Tuesday, March 13th, 2018

The Stussy Spring 2018 collection has landed at The Black Sheep so clear out that winter wardrobe and size yourself up some new garments for the steadily improving weather.




We’ve just received the latest drop of streetwear royalty with the Stussy Spring 2018 collection which includes classically branded t-shirts, longsleeves, robust hoodies, hardwearing waterproof jackets and some very powerful rugby shirts topping off the capsule.


First off let’s take a look at the tees. While there’s some bold colourful combinations in this Spring capsule, our range of shortsleeve Stussy t-shirts provides a nice balance to the Spring range. Sometimes a straightforward design and simple logo are all you need and this range of t-shirts are versatile enough to compliment any clothing configuration. Stussy’s tees are all premium quality 100% cotton jerseys with double-needle construction. The tees are a relaxed fit and our model stands at 6ft and wears a size medium.


Stussy Spring 2018 lion-shield-t-shirt-spring-2018-white-black


Stussy Lion Shield T-Shirt available in White and Black for £39.95.


Stussy Spring 2018 raggamon-t-shirt-white-heather-grey-black


Stussy Raggamon T-Shirt available in White, Heather Grey and Black: £39.95


Stussy Spring 2018 croc-pig-dyed-t-shirt-natural-white


Stussy Croc Pig Dyed T-Shirt Natural White: £51.95


Stussy Spring 2018 psycho-tropics-pig-dyed-pocket-t-shirt-natural-white


Stussy Pyscho Tropics Pig Dyed Pocket T-Shirt Natural White: £59.95


Or if you’re looking for something a bit lengthier in the sleeve department, we’ve also got two colourways of the High Power Sound Longsleeve. As with Stussy’s standard tees, these are 100% quality cotton jerseys and feature a bright colour palette with graphics printed on the chest, back and sides of the shirt.


Stussy Spring 2018 high-power-sound-longsleeve-t-shirt-black


Stussy High Power Sound Longsleeve T-Shirt in Black: £49.95


Stussy Spring 2018-high-power-sound-longsleeve-t-shirt-white


Stussy High Power Sound Longsleeve T-Shirt in White: £49.95


A recurring favourite of ours is Stussy’s ‘Lion Shield’ motif and, alongside the t-shirt options you’ve just seen above, we’ve got a full range of sizes in the Lion Shield Hoodie in Sage. An 80% cotton/20% polyester blend pullover with flat lock stitching and quality Stussy construction, this piece is ideal for the brisker evenings and will serve you through the summer as a durable and robust addition to your wardrobe. We’ve also got a Black colourway if you’re after something simpler.


Stussy Spring 2018-lion-shield-hooded-sweatshirt-sage


Stussy Lion Shield Hooded Sweatshirt in Sage: £99.95


Moving onto a couple of the more garish pieces from the Stussy Spring 2018 collection, we’ve got two colours in the Jonah Stripe Rugby Shirt. This 100% cotton yarn dyed jersey takes on a heavyweight rugby polo shirt utilising an array of pastel colours across both styles and featuring classic Stussy detailing through chest embroidery and a prominent back print.


Stussy Spring 2018-jonah-stripe-long-sleeved-rugby-shirt-pink


Stussy Jonah Stripe Longsleeve Rugby Shirt in Pink: £106.95


Stussy Spring 2018 jonah-stripe-long-sleeved-rugby-shirt-navy


Stussy Jonah Stripe Longsleeve Rugby Shirt in Navy: £106.95


Next up is the Zip Up Crepe Plaid Longsleeve. A jacket fit for a lumberjack, this piece bares an obvious aesthetic influence from workwear which is backed up by the tough but comfortable heavyweight 100% cotton plaid constructed. Our model wears a medium in this shirt which has a regular straight fit and is toped off with buttoned cuffs and a straight lower line hem.


Stussy Spring 2018-zip-up-crepe-plaid-long-sleeved-shirt-red


Stussy Zip Up Plaid Longsleeve Shirt in Red: £134.95


We’ve got a couple of waterproof pieces to before we round this off. The 3M Nylon Paneled jacket is constructed from 100% polyester ripstop fabric with 3M piping – who’d have guess that one? Both wind and water resistant, this jacket is great for layering up for the morning commute or if you’re stocking up for festival season then the zip chest pocket and welted side pockets will come in handy.


Stussy Spring 2018 3m-nylon-paneled-jacket-blue


Stussy 3M Nylon Paneled Jacket in Blue: £179.95


Stussy Spring 2018 3m-nylon-paneled-jacket-green


Stussy 3M Nylon Paneled Jacket in Lime: £179.95


 Finally, there’s a few returning colourways in the Stock Snapback so why not grab yourself a new cap in time for summer?




Stussy Stock Snapback Hat available in Teal, Grey and Black: £44.95

All Stussy clothing is available in-store and online with free delivery or £1.95 next day delivery.


Shop Stussy –





Stussy – TRIBE – A Skateboarding Short Film

Tuesday, July 11th, 2017


Street wear giants Stussy have made a return to skateboarding with their new short film titled TRIBE. The film, made by world renowned photographer Jared Sherbert is Stussy’s first skate film in a while since last years Terpening in Cincinnati and Lance Mountain building and skating his own pool. The six and a half minute clip reflects just another day in the streets filmed in New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco all captured in a nostalgic VHS-like quality. The edit features Stussy skaters Caleb Barnett, Aaron Loreth, Jesse Alba, Max Klein and the legend that is Lance Mountain.



Shop for Stussy here >



Stussy – Kevin Cincinnati Summer

Thursday, September 15th, 2016



Rare occasions often arise from the depths of skateboarding and this new Stussy video ‘Kevin Cincinnati Summer’ is definitely one of those occasions. Stussy has been riding the concrete wave alongside skateboarding since the beginning and this iconic brand is probably the top dog when it comes to street wear fashion/clothing. This edit coincides nicely with the new Stussy drop that has just landed here at The Black Sheep Store so be sure to check it out. You can do so below by hitting the link….


Jake Anderson for Stussy Clip

Saturday, April 16th, 2016





It’s not very often that you can feast your eyes on an edit from Stussy Clothing. Although it is a pleasure to announce this weekend is a special one as Stussy have just released this Jake Anderson clip that is featured above. It may be short but it’s most definitely sweet. Jake is one of those stylish dudes, just a skateboarder doing his thing with no extra jazz. Have a watch above to witness some classic moves. It is also less than a minute long so what’s to miss. In connection with the edit we have just had literally loads of new Stussy clothing and accessories arrive that is now online and in store. Here’s a couple of bits below to get you hyped.



stussy 1








See the whole collection right here….


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Tuesday, September 23rd, 2014


We at The Black Sheep Store are proud to announce that we will be stocking the godfather of Streetwear …Stussy. It started in the early 1980s in Orange County, California by a bloke called Shawn Stussy and this originally based surfwear has taken over the world!  The early success of the brand was helped by the popularity of it in the Dj and hip hop scene! At the time hip hop was growing by the second and more people were starting to catch on, as this new underground genre of music. Not only were they interested in the music but also the fashion that followed and Stussy being popular with many famous artists lead to a huge demand for the brand. This iconic image of one of hip hops greatest J Dilla who sadly passed away in 2006 due to a blood disease was one of many to rep it hard! J Dilla was a classic rapper and producer that worked with so many legends such as A Tribe Called Quest, Del La Soul, The Pharcyde, Mf Doom and many more.



 On August 6, 1988 the world changed Yo! MTV Raps debuted on MTV and back then hip hop not being as popular as it is today challenged the current pop music of the time. Yo! MTV Raps allowed millions of homes to be able to witness the greatness of the Hip Hop when it was really hard to see videos and listen to it elsewhere. The language of Rap began to influence popular culture and when the show left the air in 1995, the genre was no longer the best kept secret. Rap music had grown to being the biggest and most popular genre of music today,  a lot of this is due to Yo! MTV Raps.


Stussy produced a 2 part documentary called ‘We Were All Watching‘ in conjunction with Stussy/Yo! MTV Raps collection with the first part looking at the history of MTV’s groundbreaking music program called ‘The Importance of YO! MTV Raps’. Then part 2 looked into the trends, styles and influence that Hip Hop had in the fashion world ‘Fashion in the Golden Age of Hip Hop’. It’s a really good watch so make time to have a look and I guarantee you’ll be stoked on it. Here’s a bunch of the T-shirt collaborations that Stussy and MTV did…

It wasn’t just MTV that Stussy did a collaboration with, they have also done collabs with huge brands like Adidas, Nike, Vans, Timberland, Fred Perry, Herschel Supply, Supreme…. the list goes on!  The one they did with Timberland was amazing because it wasn’t expected and came completely out of the blue. Although I found it fitted perfectly as Timberland was also worn in the hip hop circles so was a suited. Doing collaborations like this has also opened peoples eyes that would have generally never have heard of Stussy. Always been a sly fan of Timberland and can for sure see myself buying a pair of these navy bad boys below..



I have to give them credit from the graphics they have brought out too, especially the design of the logo! Such an easy and recognizable logo. It’s not to complicated and can easily be read, simple but effective! You instantly know when someone is wearing it as it attracts your attention with the bold lettering. It has pretty much defined the brand and the story behind it! It originated from Shawn Stussy scrawling his surname onto his surf board with a broad tipped marker. He then started to use this same idea on T-shirts and various clothing which he sold out of his car around Laguana Beach, California, a popular destination for surfing. From that it has turned into what it is today and Shawn Stussy deserves huge respect for making a brand that stood the test of time over 20 years, here’s the face to probably the most famous signature in the world….



After a couple of years of Shawn selling it out of his car in 1984 he decided to partner with Frank Sinatra Jr and in case your thinking he has any relation to the singer he doesn’t. They started to sell the apparel and after a few more years the company expanded into Europe, things were moving fast! Because of the success they decided to open a store in Soho, New York. Many more stores followed and it was reported that revenues reached highs of 20 million in the early 90’s. Hats off to them both, that is incredible! In 1996 Shawn Stussy decided to resign from the brand he had created and sell his shares of the company to his partner Sinatra who has still kept the brand moving and it is currently still a firm favourite worldwide.



To this day you find many people with different styles/interests wearing the brand. From skaters, hipsters, graffiti artists, break dancers, hip hop artists to the older generation that have repped it since day one or generally people with good taste! It has been around for over 30 years now and to be honest I can see it going for 30 more. If you would like to see some of the latest Stussy product pay a visit to our city center store, we currently have a mint range of hats, beanies and T-shirts. This is the start of something great, so join the hype and grab some fresh Stussy garms and keep your eyes peeled for further amazing product dropping over the next few months…. DON’T MISS OUT PEOPLE!