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Welcome’s Promo Video.

Thursday, February 11th, 2016





Welcome’s Promo Video, a delightful watch if I must say. I wasn’t too sure what to expect considering the boards seem to have stranger shapes than John Travolta’s chin. I should have never of judged the book by its cover as the video is nothing but magnificent. Truly stoked after watching this, a great variety of skating, some mind blowing technical shockers, the odd gnarly stunt and pretty much skateboarding at its finest. I’ve been a huge fan of Welcome Skateboards since the start, after watching this promo it has only increased my love for the brand. They seem to be hitting the nail on the head from my point of view because the graphics are dope, team is powerful, dropping banging edits and finally the boards look more than inviting. Good work to all those involved as its definitely got me hyped to go shred later this evening. Stoked!






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Stannerz Rants About Switch Mongo.

Wednesday, February 10th, 2016





First of all I would like to apologize to the dude in the video above for using him as an example, but lets be honest pushing mongo, isn’t the most stylish of things to watch. I’m not a hater and it’s only my personal opinion but mongo is a wasteman maneuver! Although why does my mind tell me different things when a skater was to push mongo switch? Now that changes everything, for a reason I can’t explain. I may be contradicting myself but to be honest in my eyes they are totally different. I push mongo switch the majority of the time, does that make me a wasteman? Some of you may think so and after seeing a comment recently about how gay a switch mongo push is, by a kid that can’t even ollie and can only no comply out of his miserable life. To change this kids thoughts I thought I would show you some of the best skaters to grace this earth who push mongo switch. The youth of today may reconsider commenting on various skate clips after knowing who actually does push mongo, in switch.



Stevie Williams.




None other than Gino Iannucci. One of the most stylish skateboarders to ever step foot on a board, and yes you’ve guessed it, another incredible skater who pushes switch in mongo. There may not be a lot of evidence in this part but the line at 1:45 says it all.



Josh Kalis.



Mike Carroll.



Nick Jensen.



Rodrigo Tx.



Scott Palmer.


My name is Nick ‘Stannerz’ Stansfield and I’m fighting the love for pushing switch mongo. If you disagree don’t hesitate to message me on Instagram for a debate, although I feel I’ve fought my argument pretty hard. I mean come on, Gino is the don, so you can’t hate the best player in the game.



Pat Gallaher – thnku Part.

Friday, January 29th, 2016





I would personally like to thank Free Skate Magazine for supplying me yet another amazing section to watch on this not so great Friday afternoon. This time round we have Pat Gallaher’s part from the ‘thnku’ video. The style of skating certainly appeals to the kind of skating I like and I’m pretty sure it will for most of you. The switch front-side board, shuv out at 2:00 is definitely worth a replay. I may have watched it more than twice because what an unbelievable landing. What I like about this part is the fact that I’ve personally never heard of Pat Gallaher, some of you may have but unfortunately for me I hadn’t until now. The name will be saved in my brain from now on though because this section has been a wonder to watch and I’m hoping to see some more footage from this guy in the future. Skateboarding is great and this section is great!


You can also grab yourself a copy of the whole ‘thnku’ video right here….



Emerica Skate Shoes

Sunday, November 9th, 2014

Emerica doesn’t get the recognition it deserves. Started in 1996 this company has done so much for skateboarding and I feel like other companies are pushing real skate brands out of skateboarding which is bullshit. Emerica have been on point with every aspect of the company. Producing some of skateboarding’s finest video’s, designing the best skate shoes and sponsoring some of the raddest skaters out there. Andrew Reynolds has had a huge influence on the company and it wasn’t for him, I doubt it would be the brand it is today. Watch his section from Baker 3 below and I’ll be surprised if your not out skating later today….



Reynolds also has a section in Emerica’s ‘This is skateboarding’ which was released in 2003.  It also has parts from Heath Kirtchard, Kevin Long, Bryan Herman, Ed Templeton, Austin Stephens, Aaron Suski and many more. Probably my favorite video ever made. Here’s the full length video for you guys to get even more hyped…



The latest video they released was ‘Made’ which is once again and unbelievable watch! Having sections from new additions to the team such as Jerry Hsu, this hands down needs to be part of your DVD collection. It’s safe to say Emerica are on it. Also when it comes down to producing some of skateboarding’s finest skate shoes and clothing they have never failed to impress. I remember my first proper skate shoe after skating in trainers for many years and it was a pair of Emerica Heretic’s and they were dope. Bit chunky but that was the style back then, the difference between how big shoes were to how slim they are now is madness. Here’s some recent Westgate’s  they have brought out.



On top of their product they also hold a skate event every year called ‘Wild in the streets’ which has been a huge success. It has been hosted in different cities all over the world from London UK to Detroit USA. It’s pretty much letting all the skaters going wild in streets as one big crowd and skating various spots around the city. It’s amazing to see how many people attend the event. One big family getting together. Keep your eyes peeled for it next year as it will be as always be an event to remember…



It’s been a pleasure to see Emerica grow as a company. I hope it only gets even better as the years go on. The product is mint, the team will always be amazing as it has been for years. There is already a rumor of a new video ‘Made 2’ which is coming out in the near future. Just have a little think the next time your in a sports shop about to purchase some shoes because there could be a pair of dope Emerica’s waiting for you in your local skate shop. We at The Black Sheep are very proud to stock Emerica so come and have a look. I can guarantee you’ll be stoked on it….