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PUMF ‘Too Right’ Part 7

Thursday, June 5th, 2014


“Too Right” part 7 has arrived and its a special one. You best get to the bar because its your round! Part 7 featuring the notorious Manchester crew PUMF – a drinking crew with a skateboarding problem! For those who don’t know about the PUMF, they first started knocking about Manchester in late 2000, hanging about in Wisdom, drinking and skating at the gasworks, styling themselves in the height of the pissdrunx / Baker era, tight jeans, Emerica shoes and madshirts!
tCheck them tearing the streets of Manchester and surrounding areas apart. Adam ‘Shep’ Shepherd and Ben ‘Horeseman’ get the part under way with some rad clips followed by some boozy raw street lines from the one and only Steven Peter Prime!  Sexual Stu getting gnarly front shoving any stair set or gap in his way, when he’s not working for us at The Black Sheep Store or drinking Manchester dry of Stella Artois! Finally finishing off the short but rad part is  our other employee Granddad Stu Reynolds who proves that skateboarding does get better with age! Big up to Del ‘DRS’ from Manchester’s Broke’n’English and Rob ‘Dogger’ Smith for producing the PUMF track especially for this part. Hit the play button above to see some proper street skating, some amazing bails thanks to Stu Reynolds and Ste ‘Stella’ Prime wall riding every wall possible! Keep your eyes open for more from the PUMF crew in the near future!      

‘Too Right’ Part 5..

Tuesday, June 3rd, 2014



The latest installment from the ‘Too Rite’ video is here and you it’s going to be a good one with sections coming in hard from Chris ‘Bad Man’ Barrett, Killah Beez, Rowles and Nick ‘Stannerz’ Stansfield. 


Keep them peeled as they say for part 6 coming to a square screen near you…


Filmed by Phil Harvey, Isaac Wilkinson, Rybo and Rob Smith.

Edited by Rob Smith.



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Black Sheep Store Presents Rikk Fields ‘Too Right’ Section

Monday, June 2nd, 2014

Rick Fields is a man on a mission at the moment!

If you didn’t manage to see Witchcraft Hardware’s Rikk’s  section when Sidewalk Magazine released it in connection to his first light in issue 208 then you now have another opportunity to watch it. Rikk has been smashing it for years. I remember skating with him when we were younger at the infamous Bolton Bones skatepark where he learnt much of his trade! After seemingly disappearing from the skateboard world for a little while, exploring the misadventures of the Wigan music and party scene he’s been back and killing it harder than ever! Even in his period of absence, he could still be spotted around Wigan, grabbing other peoples boards and still being able to produce some of the maddest stuff on a board I’ve seen!  Hit the play button above to see Wigan’s top ‘dogger’ skating a huge variety of our not so perfect Northwestern terrain. Handrails, ledges and cobbled quarters, Rikk Fields can do it all, with a style and aggression that only he can deliver! More sections dropping this week too so keep yours eyes on the prize and don’t miss out on the Black Sheeps ‘Too Right’ video dropping section by section!  

Too Right Part 3

Sunday, June 1st, 2014

Start your Sunday right, Too Right Part 3 of the video is now online to watch featuring doggers Lewis Threadgold, Josh Bentley, Ollie Tyreman and Friends.
Sit back, and enjoy!

Jirka Bulin ‘Too Right’ section

Saturday, May 31st, 2014


So the first section to drop from the ‘Too Right’ video is our very own Black Sheep and Superdead rider Jirka Bulin’s which is now available to watch online. If you want to see some mad trickery from Stockports local check it out! Jirka is one of the best people to get hyped on to go skating. If theres any obstacles in his way, he’l find a way around it!  This is just the start of what’s to come so keep your eyes peeled for more sections coming out faster than Jirka when he finishes his shift at the golden arches. Top dude, mint section and %100 worth a watch…… ‘I’m loving it’