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Top 3 – Stu Reynolds

Thursday, February 4th, 2016


stu reynolds


Stu Reynolds, The Black Sheep’s most valuable employee. A middle-aged man in a teenagers body. A dude that is still shredding to this day, and more than ever may I add. When I say shredding, I mean busting out 360 flips or flip back smiths on the regular, he’s a beast. There are also some rumors lurking around Manchester that we’ll be expecting a Stu Reynolds section later this year so keep those eyes peeled. For those that have been fortunate to meet this chief he is truly an amazing character and never fails to bring the banter. For the unlucky few who haven’t had the opportunity, have a look at his top 3 to gather a bit of information about this coughing, granola eating toothless chap. Top 3 – Stu Reynolds.




1: Steak

2: Tomatoes

3: Chocolate



1: Milk

2: Lager (just that 4% shit though)

3: Orange squash



1: Barcelona

2: Amsterdam

3: Newcastle



1: Chris Barrett

2: Pepe Martinez (RIP big dog)

3: Gino, he’s pretty good ain’t he aha





1: 360 flip, not fucking called a tre flip.

2: Nose-blunts

3: Bs power-slides (or any power-slides)


Moments of 2015:

1: First year of being with my girlfriend Sascha.

2: Trip to Barcelona

3: The Black Sheep Mangle Street Jam. It was SICK!!!! MC STU YA KNOW AHAH



1: Chris Barrett, Sub – 50 video, Wreck Eds, Fresh Eds and Piss Eds.

2: Jason Lee in the Blind Video Days.

3: Harry Lintell, Volcom True To This part.






1: The Black Sheep (although being supervised by stannerz isn’t great aha)

2: Poolside Bar Tenerife

3: Painter and Decorator, Newcastle.



1: Wu-Tang

2: The Amazing Snake Heads

3: Massive Attack





Football players:

1: Alan Shearer

2: Peter Beardsley

3: Tino Asprillia


Moments to come in 2016:

1: Well Iv’e already had a mint trip away to Germany, so that’s first.

2: Barcelona again in September.

3: Try n stay healthy



1: Summer

2: Summer

3: Summer



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Top 3 – Olly Tyreman

Wednesday, January 13th, 2016






Olly Tyreman is for those that don’t know, one of the Black Sheep’s most valuable team members. One of the funniest guys I’ve ever met, he never fails to entertain. A skateboard fanatic, ex-party animal and top geezer! When he passed through the store a couple of days ago it was only right to ask him some top 3’s on various topics. As the interview was happening he also spoke about the possibility that he’d be moving away to Dubai. You would’ve thought that would have taken a few months at least to plan but just a few days later he’s only gone and boarded the flight, legend. His unexpected visits to the store will be sadly missed but we wish him all the best in his latest travels. Yes PAL.



1: Sirloin steak

2: Calamari

3: Tomato Soup



1: Bush Mills Whiskey (when I’m drinking)

2: Green Tea

3: Caipirinha Cocktail (when I’m drinking aha)



1: Burnley

2: Sydney

3: New York City



1: Ben Raemers

2: Stannerz

3: Sexual Stu

(Fack Off HAWK)






1: Back 3

2: Back 3

3: Back 3


Moments of 2015:

1: Moving to Sydney

2: Moving back from Sydney

3: Getting of the booze.



1: Ben Raemers

2: Ben Raemers

3: Ray Mears: Survival techniques.



1: Skate coaching

2: Starting fires

3: Putting them out pal.






1: Acid House

2: Soul

3: Rock n Roll


Football players:

1: Gazza

2: Balotelli

3: Silva


Moments to come in 2016:

1: Skating in Palestine

2: Potentially becoming a Fireman

3: Summer



1: Summer

2: Winter

3: Spring (Fuck Autumn)


We hope you’ve learnt more about this puzzling man. I doubt anyone will ever understand what’s actually going on in his mind but what a guy. Top dogger, see you in the future pal and once again good luck with your adventure.


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