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Vans Skate Classics – Vans Skateboarding

Friday, March 5th, 2021

Vans Skate Classics – Vans Skateboarding


You can’t fake the funk as they say and Vans certainly can’t be accused of this ‘Main Source’ 90’s quote. This time round Vans have seen fit to re-establish the original Classics lines with a update from the ground up. Taking what was the Vans Pro Skate range and updating with some longer lasting tech, the all new Vans Skate Classics are born. There’s no denying Vans has been an integral part of skateboarding since there inception in ’66 and also present day supporters of one of the most heavy hitting teams we’ve ever witnessed. Always developing products and working with the team riders to bring you the most adapted skate shoes for modern day skateboarding.

The all new Vans Skate Classics are truly reworked and basically a whole new construction of the most known Vans silhouettes of all time. Featuring the Skate Authentic, Skate Slip-On, Skate Sk8-Hi, Skate Old Skool, and Skate Era. Take your pick and enjoy some of the finest re-worked skate shoes of the century.


The fresh faced Vans Skate Classics with all-over revised uppers incorporating checkerboard patterns plus an the all-new moulded inner heal counter for better fit. Lock-in elasticated tongue straps keep feet locked in for better control. The Vans Skate Classic DURACAP underlay creates a new comfort fit shape, added flexibility along with removing excess bulk. Overall resulting in an essential skaters fit for long lasting durability in the areas that matter most. Two-part side wall foxing featuring a heavier harder wearing knurl texture, as well as the highly regarded Vans Sick Stick Waffle gum rubber compound sole unit. Increased deeper waffle durability along with the grip to match. In addition, Vans designed PopCush energy-return insole foot-beds that won’t pack out and help maintain legs feeling fresh to skate longer.

Vans Skateboarding coming correct! Go get some.

Along with introducing you to the all new Vans Skate Classics we also felt inclined to delve into the video archives and let loose on some of the most impactful Vans Skate videos of the past. Keep scanning down for more skate classic waffle induced footage!

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Vans x Anti Hero Skateboards Collaboration Release

Friday, March 8th, 2019



Vans x Anti Hero Skateboards Collaboration Release





Like we need any excuse to talk about Vans x Anti Hero! To say we’re stoked on this collaboration release is an understatement. Get the low down on this full release then scan your cursor downwards and hit play. Like we say, any excuse for some Anti Hero appreciation with a shed load of classic footage.


This collaboration pack includes the Vans TNT Advanced Prototype, Vans Slip On Pro, Old Skool Pro and the ever illusive Vans Sk8 Mid Pro’s. The full collaboration capsule is due in any-day now. Keep an eye on our Black Sheep Store Instagram for up to minute updates.



With signature models from the legendary collaboration riders Tony Trujillo, Chris Pfhanner, John Cardiel and Jeff Grosso. Plus insole artwork by the absolute ruler Todd Francis


Take note of the Vans Pro range and the differences with make up and insoles. The TNT Advanced Prototype and Grosso Sk8-Mid Pro’s both utilising Vans UltraCush Lite 3D footbed insoles (*editors note- these are ridicuously comfy with real arch support in a vulcanised shoe.) The John Cardiel Old Skool Pro and Chris Pfhanner Slip On Pro are both equipped with Duracap (dual layer reinforcement under toe piece suede) reinforced rubber underlays for durability plus the ever popular UltraCush HD sockliners for cushioning and impact protection.


All the Vans x Anti Hero Footwear range comes complete with the Todd Francis artwork insoles along with woven embroidered Anti Hero tab label. Seriously can’t choose between the styles of this collaboration pack but the welcome return of the Vans Sk8 Mid from Jeff Grosso is sure to be a straight up classic go to skate shoe.




Also you’ll be able to purchase the banging apparel pack to coincide with this Vans x Anti Hero release.


The Vans x Antihero apparel collection comes correct as you’d expect. Clean simple graphics on short and long sleeve tees, a fleece pullover hooded sweatshirt and a trucker hat. Make sure you check the detailing on the staple work-wear inspired yarn dye shadow plaid flannel shirt. Regular straight fit with Todd Francis artwork pigeon embroidery to lower hem plus custom label package details.





Now remind yourselves why Anti Hero Skateboards is one of the most well respected brands out there. Good reason why skate footwear rulers Vans continue to seek out these collaborations with only the best. “All Hail” Vans x Anti Hero.



The classic Antihero “Fucktards” video. Originally release back in 1997.





The one when Cardiel goes nuts! Or is that even nuttier than before. John Cardiel worship is highly encouraged!





This was the one you just couldn’t find on video. Maybe your mate had a copy of a copy held together with celloptape and the prongs snapped out so you couldn’t record over it. Timeless skateboarding Antihero “Two Songs” from the year 2002.





Tony Trujillo aka TNT = Vans x Anti Hero lifer!





Big poppa Chris Pfanner for the Vans “Propeller” video.





Okay so it’s not classic Grosso footage from the late 80’s but his ‘Love letters to Skateboarding’ episodes are just to entertaining to not mention.





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Vans Skate Berle Pro – UK Release

Monday, January 28th, 2019

Vans Skate Berle Pro – UK Release


Now we’ve been #BigFansOfHisWork for a while (see our Black Sheep Store instagram for hashtag reference) so to see the Vans Skate Berle Pro come to fruition is extremely welcomed. 


Elijah Berle’s Vans history dates back to 2012. In this year Berle’s all out attack gained him number one spot at Tampa AM along with Transworld, Skateboarder and The Skateboard Mag covers. Plus topping the boom year out with TSM’s ‘Year Best AM’ award. Since the initial onslaught Berle established himself firmly on the ever dope Chocolate Skateboards team. Then proceeding to knock out one hell of a memorable part for ‘Pretty Sweet.’ 




Moving on from Berle’s first introduction to the skate scene, his much anticipated debut Vans part “No Other Way” did not disappoint. Initially gaining coverage through the Vans Skate Instagram and social media platforms the below Thrasher Magazine “Raw Files” shows what a serious powerhouse Elijah Berle has become.



Following on from Elijah’s long term sponsorship with Chocolate Skateboards he departed ways for the new kids on the block. Welcoming Berle with open arms Jason Dill and Vans riders Anthony Van Engelen invited the style master to join the elite Fucking Awesome Skateboards team. Known for the diverse mix of riders with an emphasise on raw skateboarding Elijah became the perfect fit with a much deserved pro model following soon after. All this whilst working towards his next Vans Skate part in the form of the highly regarded “Propeller” video. Tirelessly filmed and edited by Greg Hunt this section cemented Elijah’s professional status. Featuring a heavy mix of transition skateboarding and true veteran style street skating this became to go to video part for all round pre-skate hype.


Enjoy the “Propeller Raw Files” below courtesy again of Thrasher Magazine.


So with the short background above of Elijah Berle and his ever so sweet history with Vans Skate Shoes. It’s no wonder after the unquestionable ridiculous footage from the past few years Vans have done the right thing and let Elijah design his own Pro skate shoes from the ground up.


Utilising the newly produced Vans “Wafflecup” along with input from Elijah all the way. The new Vans Skate Berle Pro silhouette is designed with the mantra “Less Is More.” To explain this further the idea behind a skate shoe with no foot-bed inserts is purely to achieve the all important board feel. To make this happen without compromising the impact protection and day to day comfort Vans Pro Skate have incorperated the much loved “Wafflecup” construction along with the comfort enhancing LUXliners. Without getting to technical on the makeup of Berle’s first ever Vans Pro shoes it basically fits like a (foot?) glove and protects as a Cupsole does.


Also as standard from all Vans Pro Skate, Berle’s shoe features the Vans Duracap under layer upper reinforcement along with the longer lasting Vans Original Waffle sole compound.


The global release date (including the UK) for the Vans Berle Pro is set for Saturday February 9th 2019. Vans always come correct with delivery of product and we’re 100% guaranteed of receiving all available colour-ways for release day.





In the interim take a good hard luck above at the Vans Skate Berle Pro skate shoes and expect some heavy release footage/photos and general hype from the Vans Skate Instagram



As you’d expect Elijah’s been running the samples for a little while and put out teaser pictures of what’s to come from his debut Vans Pro Skate Shoe. Give the style master himself a follow for all things Berle, Vans and FA Entertainment related.


Elijah Berle Instagram



Come release date you can shop Vans Pro Skate here-





Vans Rowley Classic LX – Vault Release

Wednesday, June 6th, 2018

Vans Rowley Classic LX – Vault Release





We don’t say this lightly but seeing the re-issue of one of skateboarding’s most iconic silhouette in the form of the Vans Rowley Classic LX has seriously gotten us nostalgically hyped.


Literally ever other skater you saw would be rocking these back in the day and seeing them fresh in the box again the shoe just hasn’t aged what so ever. As in the name, it’s the straight up ‘Classic’ styling from Vans and Rowley that made these such a huge hit first time round. Originally released back in 1999 and now receiving a very limited drop through Vans Vault Originals. These Vans Rowley Classic LX will only be available through select stores Globally.




Cast your mind back and you’ll remember these initially released at the height of the Tony Hawk Pro Skater game. Along with Vans and other skate footwear having been through a weird time in terms of design and direction this single Rowley silhouette changed the game. Following on the original release we seen the skate shoe industry take notes and the slimmer design and board feel started coming back into play. Obviously this and many other elements within skateboarding at the time contributed but as many of of us look back the Vans Rowley Classic LX seemed to be the tipping point for this huge shift in skate shoe design.


Enough with the skate history lesson, get your cursors hitting the below play buttons and remissness with some of Rowley’s legendary parts. “Av it Larr!”




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Vans Chima Pro 2 releasing 10/2/18

Tuesday, January 23rd, 2018

Vans Chima Pro 2 releasing 10th February 2018. Here’s your first look and full rundown of the shoe!


Vans Chima Pro 2 Drizzle Black White Navy Gum


Purveyor of quality canvas footwear, outstanding switch heel flips and Sydney’s finest, Chima Ferguson, is a firm shop favourite and we’re delighted to have another signature shoe from the man himself returning to the store.


The Vans Chima Pro 2 is a continuation of Chima’s masochistic love affair with lightweight canvas skate shoes. It would be natural to assume that someone with such a fondness for throwing themselves down stairs and handrails would opt for a bulkier pro model however it seems Chima’s superhuman feet are able to withstand all the impact in the world. Due to this, his second pro model packs all the shock absorbing tech into the insole and allows for a stripped back and simple aesthetic which takes cues from the timeless Vans Authentic.


The Vans Chima Pro 2 is the first shoe equipped with Vans Ultracush Lite 3D sockliner, a three layer insole which combines soft and hard layers of polyurethane which makes this shoe just as suitable for cruising around your favourite plaza or tanning around a mini ramp as it is for going big.


Another first for Vans is implemented with the Chima Pro 2 through higher wrapped vulcanised sole which overlaps the canvas to create a subtle toe-cap improving the shoe’s lifespan without adding an obnoxious frontal bumper to an otherwise understated silhouette.


The shoe’s upper is also backed with Vans Duracap which is perfect for canvas iterations to balance the best of both lightweight construction and and durability as seen with the Drizzle/Black/White colourway you can see above.


Minimal padding in the tongue and collar, complimented by a leather lining, allows for a comfortable fit whilst retaining a slim silhouette, and as with all of Vans Pro range, the upper sits on top of a beloved Waffle sole for unparalleled grip and boardfeel with an extra vulcanised heel counter included for further support. Finally, the Vans Chima Pro 2 is topped off with decorative leather accents for the classic Vans side stripe, heel piece alongside on the tongue which features Chima’s Vans insignia.


The Vans Chima Pro 2 is available from February 10th in-store and online at:


Vans Chima Pro 2 Drizzle Black Vans Chima Pro 2 Drizzle Black 3


Vans Chima Pro Drizzle Black 4


Vans Chima Pro 2 Drizzle Black 6


Vans Chima Pro Drizzle Black 5 Vans Chima Pro Drizzle Black 2


Vans Chima Pro Navy Gum Vans Chima Pro Navy Gum White 3


Vans Chima Pro 2 Navy Gum White 4


Vans Chima Pro Navy Gum White 6


Vans Chima Pro 2 Navy Gum White 5 Vans Chima Pro 2 Navy Gum White 2

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Also expect a full new edit with Vans Pro Skate team Chima Ferguson and friends but for now enjoy some classic Vans ‘Propeller’ raw files from 2015.





Vans x Pyramid Country Half Cab Pro

Wednesday, September 20th, 2017


Vans x Pyramid Country Half Cab Pro




Vans Pro Skate coming through with a very special highly limited release this time collaborating with Arizona-based skateboarding collective ‘Pyramid Country.’

This year being the 25th Anniversary of the ever popular and highly regarded Vans Half Cab it’s great to see these well thought out collab’s backing up the now legendary status of Steve Caballero’s Pro silhouette. You can tell the time and effort put into this release as the detailing and premium materials used are on a whole other level. The uppers are constructed with a pig suede, leather and mesh materials, embossed Pyramid Country tetrahedron detail, custom insole artwork along with featuring all the usual Vans Pro upgrading using the Duracap reinforced sole unit and Ultracush HD sockliners.  Leaving the best detail till last and giving these a serious ‘wow factor’ these bad boy’s GLOW IN THE DARK! Yeah, that waffle gum sole unit not only sticks like hell to your board but also gives off some toxic like glow when creeping in the darkness.







Get to know the weird and wonderful world of the Pyramid Country below. The Sonoran Desert has a lot to answer for…



Release date for the Vans x Pyramid Country Half Cab Pro is set for this Saturday 23/09/17 with the very limited stock that’s made it’s way into the UK.

Sign up and shop for immediate release-


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Vans X Thrasher Collab UK Release

Friday, July 21st, 2017

Vans X Thrasher Collab UK Release




The rumor mill has been churning on this fire release (pun intended) with the powerhouse’s that be Vans footwear and Thrasher Magazine which we can now officially confirm.


This is a strictly limited release with just a handful of skate doors in the UK getting the full collection. Those hunting this collaboration out need to be ready and waiting on the official release date of Saturday July 29th.


So with the highly recognizable Thrasher Flame logo Vans have seen fit to incorporate this into some of their most popular silhouettes which will include the Sk8-Hi Pros & Slip On Pros along with the newly released technically advanced UltraRange Pro. Along with the limited release footwear we’ll also have the full range of apparel including the Vans x Thrasher Tee’s, Long Sleeved, Hoods, Jacket, Chino’s, Hats and backpack. The full collection will be available online at 12.01 on the 29/07/17 and in store from 10.00 of the Saturday 29th of July. As expected with this caliber of collaboration we’re expecting high demand so please be prepared come the above times.







As you’ll well know the Vans x Thrasher relation runs deep with many years producing articles together of some mental road trips and serious coverage from the ever on point Vans Skate Team so it’s rad to see the epic John Cardiel ‘Ring Of Fire’ Thrasher Magazine cover now immortalized on the limited release Vans Long Sleeved Tee.



Shop the Vans x Thrasher collection in store and online 29/07/217 –


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Vans UltraRange Pro UK Release

Tuesday, June 27th, 2017


Vans UltraRange Pro UK Release



The hype on the latest silhouette release from the Vans Pro Skate range has been building immensely after the initial USA drop of the UltraRange Pro just a few weeks back. Now destined for European availability the set release day is imminent. Read on below for more info and also get the tech details from Vans most advanced skate shoe to date.









As quoted from the Vans Pro Skate development team- “This revolutionary performance skate shoe is designed to enhance the fundamental union of skate cushioning and grip with the introduction of a unique co-molded bottom unit, combining Vans’ trusted UltraCush™ Lite foam with Vans’ original waffle outsole.”


Key Features-


-A lightweight and durable co-molded outsole merging UltraCush™ Lite and Vans’ original rubber waffle tread for unparalleled cushioning and grip.

-Seamless LuxLiner™ internal sock-fit construction for a breathable, snug fit.

-Molded Duracap™ reinforced pig suede uppers in high-abrasion areas for added durability.

-Breathable tongue, collar and quarter panel vents for increased air flow.


Watch below as Flip Skateboards Pro Curren Caples effortlessly teases out Vans latest release




Releasing only at select skate stores throughout Europe this Saturday 1st July, 01/07/17.


Shop Vans UltraRange Pro here on release date-


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Vans Park Series Malmo 2017

Thursday, June 1st, 2017




So the casual question was put out to us at the Black Sheep Family, “Do you fancy going to the Vans Park Series in Malmo Sweden this year…?” so of course it took all of a split second to respond and the next thing we know flight reservations where emailed followed by a loose schedule for our time in sunny Sweden (*please note we got very, very lucky with the Swedish weather as normally it’s pretty much like Manchester just with colder winters!)


The dates where set for the 2017 Vans Park Series in Malmo Sweden and the next thing you know we where coming into land via Copenhagen with a short trip over the infamous Øresund Bridge (go watch the Swedish TV series ‘The Bridge’ if you haven’t already!) For those planning a skate mission to Sweden via the U.K you’ll be pleasantly surprised to know your literally 20 minutes train journey away from the airport to some of Malmo’s finest street spots and ridiculously amazing concrete skate parks.  So of course the first port of call stepping of the train we headed straight down to the Vans park located in Kroksback which is slightly out of the main city center of Malmo. The first sight of the park seriously leaves you questioning yourself, we’ve all seen footage/photos/instagram from the park but to see it in the flesh gives you a whole lot more admiration for any skater stepping up to ride the luscious concrete waves it has to offer.




Of course it was like the who’s who from the skateboard world looking around the deck with skaters literally from all over the World in attendance. And of course Black Sheep Family lifer Andy Scott is now currently classed as a local with his recent move East so it was an added treat to catch up with old ‘In a minute Mr Scott!’


The first day down at Hyllie Kroksback skate-park was a little teaser on how this competition may go over the following two days,  you could see a load of the Pro’s and Am’s just getting used to the place but slowly finding the groove as runs got longer and more technical in the process. Again I was still blown away of how gnarly the park is especially after rushing in for a quick roll around and quickly becoming out of my depth whilst hurtling towards the deep end bowled out section. So it was back to the shade with some powerful coffee to warn off the days early start, then sit back and relax to watch the European’s first day qualifiers that soon escalated from the moments before mellow session!


Time was ticking and the first day skate was over with the talk of the town being a free Corona beer party down the local Street Lab skate shop in central Malmo where the good crew was due to celebrate their shop extension in the shape of a new Vans store in store. Rad to see the Lovenskate guys in attendance doing some one off board printing collaborating both the Vans logo and the locally recognized Street Lab branding.  Massive thanks to the crew in store for the warm welcome and even use of the WiFi to do the obligatory FaceTime call home.




Second day came round quick sharp after our first luxury night in the hotel (not trying to show off but we’re just not used to such surroundings!) and it was the five minute skate in the baking sunshine down towards the epic park and another eye opener walking in to see Ishod Wair casually destroying every piece of transition in his path. Seats where taken and it was time to sit back and watch the days silly skating unfold with some serious names now in attendance including Raven Tershey, Oskar Rozenberg Hallberg, Pedro Barros, Rune Glifberg, Sam Beckett, Alex Sorgente (last years overall Vans Park Series winner) plus many more global rippers.







After the initial day of qualifiers and general mental skating it was looking good for the following day semi’s and then monstrous finals on what was to be another scorching day of sunshine. You probably caught the live screening from the last day but go remind yourselves below with some official Vans Park Series footage capturing all the highlights from all of the above!




Filmed By:
Rye Beres
Dan Stolling
Tim Fulton

Edited by:
Dan Stolling
Massive thanks to all at Vans Europe and the Vans Park Series for one monumental memorable event! Also special thanks to Nick Grove and Becky Bowler for being the finest of hostess’s.


See full finals results below-


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Vans Park Series Malmo Sweden results-


1. Alex Sorgente
2. Tom Schaar
3. Karl Berglind
4. Cory Juneau
5. Oskar Rozenberg Hallberg
6. Roman Pabich
7. Pedro Barros
8. Ben Hatchell



Vans Park Series European Continental winners-


Men’s- Rune Glifberg (DEN)
Women’s- Amelia Brodka (POL)





Also check out Sidewalk Magazine for full event coverage with filming from Ben Powell and photography by Chris Johnson






Vans x Defcon Sk8 Hi Notchback Release Date

Monday, May 22nd, 2017


vans defcon sk8 hi


It’s always something a bit special when these two brands come together and this time round Vans x Defcon have outdone themselves once again. Check the below pictures as it’s all in the details with these Vans x Defcon Sk8 Hi Notch-backs available THIS SATURDAY 27/05/17 at the Black Sheep Store.


Previously collaborating in the time Vans Syndicate was running the second time round see’s Vans x Defcon releasing via the Vans Skate Pro capsule with serious attention to detail in the highly upgraded Vans Sk8 Hi Pro Notchback. These will only be available at very select stores in the UK with limited stock per shop so be sure to cop your size/colour on the set release date.


vans defcon sk8 hi jungle black arid



Exclusive features on the Vans x Defcon Sk8 Hi Notchback includes Pro reinforced water resistant suede upper, detailed heal embossed artwork plus Velcro removable Defcon logo on gusseted tongue. Moisture management inner lining and reverse lug waffle sole unit plus Vans Pro Skate Ultracush comfort insoles. These are designed for all weather with comfort and durability at the forefront of production from Vans. We’ve always been a fan of the limited release Sk8 Hi Notchbacks so it’s amazing to see these two brands utilize this silhouette for this limited release with the leaders in their field Defcon.


You can shop Vans x Defcon from 12.01 online at the Black Sheep Store or in store from 10am Saturday 27/05/17. Strictly first come first served as this is a limited stock release with UK 7 to UK 11 sizes available in all three colorways.


Shop Vans x Defcon here on release date-