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Rehash – Mike Manzoori

Monday, March 14th, 2016


Today sees the start of a brand new feature from the good guys over at Sidewalk called Rehash! They have delved into the VHS archives to find and re-mix footage of some of the best UK skateboarders of the past ! Whether their presence had just simply passed you by, you never heard of them or cant remember skateboarding life before the internet then this feature is for you and for those who want to reminisce of how good it was back in the day! What better way to start though with this one from Mike Manzoori! Quite possibly one of the best all round UK skateboarders, Mike has always ripped whether in front or behind the camera and this footage spanning over 25 years proves it! Can’t wait to see more of these in the near future ! Click play below and enjoy the first ever Rehash – Mike Manzoori files!



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5 Boro NYC

Wednesday, September 10th, 2014

5 Boro is mint hands down! Founded on the streets on NYC in 1996 this company has such an interesting history and an amazing future ahead! The graphics they have brought out have been on point still to this very day! The new VHS Series they have just released are my favorite graphics I’ve seen for a long time! Simple idea executed with pure class! This series from 5 Boro is paying homage to where they began, back in 1996 and the booming era for skate videos, made possible thanks to the Video Home System aka the VHS. The series is dedicated to all those blank tapes used to hold sponsor me footage, pirated skate videos or the latest episode of Corrie for your mum!



You know the company has succeeded with the graphics when you want to buy the whole series to put on your wall at home! Come and see the collection in our city center store and see what you think!