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Will Blaty – Welcome Fetish Part

Friday, January 20th, 2017


Welcome and Thrasher Magazine are treating us quite a bit at the moment with these Fetish video parts being released online. Some of the tricks in this one from Will Blaty are mindbogglingly good. We all know that there are no rules in skating, no set trick lists or instruction manuals. That’s what makes what we do so good. Will has an approach to skating like no other. Throw in a heap of street grabs, inverts, early grabs and even some switch and nollie one foots and your onto a winner.



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Ryan Lay – Fetish Part

Tuesday, January 17th, 2017


Welcome Skateboards premiered their first full length video ‘Fetish’, the past week, and now the parts have started to pop up on the internet via Thrasher Magazine. The first section comes from Ryan Lay, who ended up on Welcome after getting kicked off Enjoi a few years earlier and then ended up getting a pro board in 2016. Ryan has one of the best nollies in the game along with a deep bag of tricks, this really is one hell of a part with one hellish of an ender.



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Black Sheep Welcomes Reiss Johnson

Monday, June 30th, 2014



Apparently vert skating is dead so we added Reiss Johnson to the Black Sheep Team as our worst marketing plan ever. Saying that if there was ever someone who could bring vert back from the dead it would be this guy! Reiss has been smashing it for quite a while now, finding himself a spot on the Heathen Skateboards team along the way!
Cameo appearance from fellow Black Sheep rider Andy Scott.

Filmed and edited by Isaac Wilkinson.




Good work Reiss, stoked to have you aboard Manchester’s finest.


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