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Chris Wimer – “In Your Head” Part

Monday, November 19th, 2018


Zero announced Chris Wimer as its latest pro via an Instagram post just the other day. Following that up Thrasher Magazine have released his ”In Your Head” part which went live over the weekend. Zero are know for their epic, gnarly videos, it’s in their DNA. Chris keeps up this tradition with his pro debut and proves that his signature board is well deserved.



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Zero Skateboards “No Cash Value Vol. 5”

Tuesday, November 22nd, 2016


A couple of years ago Zero Skateboards started releasing No Cash Value one part at a time. Now the final part has been put online via Thrasher Magazine and what a way to close out a series. With full parts from Windsor James who got on Zero back in June, a sick team montage section and Dane Burman closing the show with an epic ender and part. It’s everything that you would expect from a Zero video. Their legacy of being the gnarliest dudes is surely secured with this one.



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Tommy Sandoval Transworld Part

Monday, September 19th, 2016


We’ve all been waiting for a new Tommy Sandoval part for a while now and the Zero Skateboards pro has just had three fresh minutes of footage released via the people at Transworld Skateboarding. Less than twelve months on from his rather impressive LRG 1947 section, that massive frontside flip down the San Diego Sports Arena triple set at Thrasher Magazine’s Bust Or Bail and wowing the crowds not just here in Manchester but throughout the country and some of Europe on the Dwindle Distribution Tour, T-Gunz follows up with some powerful material. With an opening from a controversial 1990’s Iron Mike Tyson and featuring some of the type of terrain that you would associate Tommy with skating, this is everything you could want and expect from a dude who is Zero through and through. Not too shore about the Latin Jazz soundtrack or whether the Chief would approve but he’d surely be buzzing with the new lines Tommy finds at classic spots and the new hucks that have been a staple of his skate parts, Zero’s legacy seems set to continue with Tommy on board.




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Franky Villani – No Cash Value Part

Wednesday, August 10th, 2016


Many people were surprised when they heard that Franky Villani had made his way onto the Zero team and were excited to see what footage he had up his sleeve. Yesterday via Thrasher Magazine his ‘No Cash Value’ part dropped which is his first for Zero. Lasting over seven minutes long and with the use of two songs this part is full of some absolute bangers. From start to finish there is no telling what tricks Franky will pull out of the bag next – especially the more gnarlier and creative second half. Watch out for a massive frontsdie feeble down a well known hubba and a crazy kickflip fastplant down a hefty stack of stairs.



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Josiah Gatlyn “Oblivious” Part

Thursday, March 3rd, 2016


A few, well mainly seven years ago Josiah Gatlyn was an up and comer , slowly but steadily making his mark on the skateboarding scene and looked like one of the hottest prospects for the future. Having properly established himself with rising to the challenge of The Berrics Bang Yo Self competition, finishing as one of the respectable runners up, then claiming a place to be starting to get hooked up by Zero skateboards, everything seemed to be going up and up, better and better for Gatlyn. During the stint on Zero, for some reason or another, Josiah seemed to just disappear. Then about a year ago, a random comment on Youtube appeared from him, saying that he had become disillusioned with the skateboard industry and that’s why he pretty much had enough, finding himself having to live in his own truck! He left all this behind to eventually become a successful animator. Josiah was a real talent, as this unreleased footage shows and who can blame him for leaving it all behind? You’ve gotta do what you gotta do as the saying goes, and if your dream ends up in you being technically homeless, is it really worth it all anyway?! It’s a shame we’ll never see new footage of him again, but lets just enjoy how good he actually was!



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