Jordan Sharkey Black Sheep Skate Team


Jordan Sharkey is skateboarding's finest at the moment. He is a valuable member of our Black Sheep Family for obvious reasons. Here's a small list of why we consider him one of the family...


An incredible skateboarder who will only go on to reach higher levels than he's already at... which is high!

Here's a Northerner with attitude.

A lover of everything great, Gregg's.

This years winner of the infamous Element Skateboards 'Make It Count' competition.

Lands most tricks within three attempts, on any obstacle presented infront of him may I add.

Doesn't skate slow like a wasteman.

Always down to have a good time and definitely knows how to party. I mean he is young after all so the deadly hangovers haven't come into effect yet.

The Black Sheep Family all agree that he is a skateboarding genius.

He can FS feeble handrails like it's normal with sunglasses on.

He takes the sunglasses off too.