Josh Bentley Black Sheep Skateboard Team



A little introduction about yourself please Josh...

Hi I'm josh.. almost graduated uni doing film-making, from accrington and never going back.

Three facts about yourself?

can jump high but can't Ollie, can beat Isaac in a grapple fight and I'm like totally Taurus.

If you had to kick someone off the Black Sheep Team who would it be and who would replace them?

I would kick my self off and put then put my self back on...

Then maybe kick my self off again!

How many years has it taken to master your skateboard skills?

Hitting the 12 year mark yo.
Top three tracks to listen to when out and about being a legend?

Homeshake - serious
Drug Dealer - The End Of Comedy
Evans Pyramid - Never Gonna Leave You

Whilst we are on the topic of music.. didn't you once act in a music video for your pals?

Oh sh*t yeah the live set thing where I'm topless in a old office block? Haha


Ye that's the one aha! You don't mind if I share it do you? The music featured in the video is pretty decent after all?

I mean i could keep my dignity intact. But f*ck that am I right ? haha

Right in the head? I'm not too sure Josh...

It's booze that did that, usually I'm pretty sedate haha

So it's the booze who's to blame.. any other drinking related stories?

Nothing on video comes to mind, I remember trying to kick something out side the garret and not kicking it and boltsing the landing on my back.


I thought I had it man. Probably should have stretched before hand for some extra flex.