Lewis Threadgold Black Sheep Skateboard Team

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Lewis Threadgold


Heathen Skateboards, The Black Sheep store, The Lurker Co

Current set up?

Heathen Nordic Series Thor 8.25, Theeve Trucks, Bones red, Heathen lattice wheels 54m

How long have you been Skating in Manchester and what’s your favourite spots?

First skated here over 15 years ago, lived here for 10. Favourite spot was the old council building, pigeon shit banks r.i.p

Who’s your favourite Black Sheep Family member and who’s the worst?

Team leader Eddie Belvedere! As for worst, Reiss Johnson!

Dish some dirt on your fellow Black Sheep Family?

Reiss Johnson is a closet Tory voter by day, and wannabe lothario by night.

Give us a little bit of your skate history from in and around Manchester?

Started skating here when I was 17, bunking off college to skate with Stu Bentley and all the wisdom guys, filmed a few bits in Leisure video, moved here a few years later with Kendrick and Rugeley lads, proper skate house for skate rats with constant parties!

Childhood heroes in skating?

The Panic and Blueprint Team, My first video was Anthems,and i went to Derby Storm skatepark (r.i.p) and there was a demo from them, so seeing  Pritchard, Flynn Trotman, Mark Baines, Colin Kennedy, John Rattray, Scott Palmer and Rob Selley was unreal, they were like rock stars or something!

What future plans for skating and lifestyling?

Build more D.I.Y spots, travel more and try to get out of manchester abit more!

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