Nick Stansfield Black Sheep Skateboard Team

nick stansfield big spin nose slide in Scotland for black sheep skateboard shop   nick stansfield front nose slide photo from landscape trip to athens for black sheep store team page



Name? Nick ‘stannerz’ Stansfield  

Age? 25

Sponsors? Adidas, Volcom, Landscape, Independent Trucks, Stella Supply Co, Stance UK and BLACK SHEEP

Currently residing? Stockport

Go to skate shoes? The Busenitz Pro (adidas) Black, gum sole

How long have you been Skating in Manchester? Roughly 13 years, maybe a little more.

What’s your favourite spots? Slappy curbs in between old and new shop, BBC banks and then Stockport Ledges.

Dish some dirt on your fellow Black Sheep Family? We all hate each other! No good times here!

Give us a little bit of your skate history from in and around Manchester? There’s been so many good times so hard to choose a few, all you need to do is go out with granola Stu Reynolds and it’ll be a day to remember.

Childhood heroes in skating? Lucas Puig, Vincent Bressol, Luypa Sin and the GONZ.

Words of wisdom? Don’t chat what you don’t know  

portrait of nick stansfield for black sheep team page   nick stansfield three shuv for black sheep store team page