Sexual Stu Black Sheep Staff Member

Sexual Stu


First of all sexual, how on earth did you get name sexual stu?

Well it was when I was doing work experience in Wisdom (RIP) and I was waiting for Si Ashton in the morning since he was always late because he had to come from Leeds every morning so I went into the other shop, that was there at the time and basically I was like waiting around. Si then phoned up and asked for Sexual Stu, anyway they thought it was a prank call so they put the phone down, so he then phoned back up and said no, I need Sexual Stu, my work experience boy. Then Gavso got a hold of it and thought it was funny so it pretty much stuck from there.

Was it not because you used to be called ugly Stu?

There’s that factor as well aha

AHA is that due to the PUMF crew?

Ye pretty much. Basically there was the PUMF crew which was Ste Prime, Mike Mathews, Andy Cross, Ste Thomas, Luke Saxon, Brye and a few others and then there was the Lobby crew which was like me, Sean G, Kish, Joe Divine, Warren and Robbo then people like that. Anyway we used to knock about in Wisdom and chill then we also used to see other at spots but we didn’t really speak to each other and then somebody in wisdom, either Bentley, Eastbourne Ben or Si wrote on the kettle PUMF vs Lobby and that kind of created a bit of tension. But then one day we thought why don’t we just go skating together.

So that’s where the big infamous PUMF crew was formed right?

Well ye, that’s how we know the PUMF today.  

Obviously the PISS DRUNX has had a huge influence on you and the PUMF, is there anyone in particular from the PD that you look up too?

At the time, probably all of them.

What about now?

Dustin Dollin, because he’s like the only one remaining that is still a piss head.  Pretty much he’s the only one who is keeping the dream alive. It was just one of them things init, skateboarding at that time and I was at that age where I was easily influenced. Still am really aha.

Didn’t you once get a tattoo from the legend that is Eric Dresson, Tell me more?

Basically Eric Dresson came over to Manchester to do a tattoo tour at the old Black Sheep Store and a bit of a signing and then we went out and had a few beers then went back to his apartment where his brought his tattoo gear with him. He then gave me a tattoo.

Ye, that’s pretty mega that Sexual!

Ye it is mega, from Eric Dressen man. He’s a ledge and it’s the best tattoo I’ve got as well. It’s the Black Sheep stacked logo yo, Black sheep for life, you get me fam.

So the PUMF crew are renown for being drinkers with a skateboarding problem. Is there any advice for upcoming drinkers with a skateboard problem that you could pass on 

Erm… ye, don’t do front boards down rails, especially circle ones in concrete skate-parks.

When you’re pissed? 

Well when you’ve had a few aha



Is writing things on your grip a necessary accessory with your skating?

Not necessarily, I just do it because I’ve done it for ages and I’ve got a weird kind of thing where if I’ve not got PUMF on my grip it doesn’t really feel right if know what I mean. I feel a bit uneasy on my board but when I’ve not got it and I can’t look down and see them four letters, it’s a mind bender.

What’s the most controversial grip job you’ve had?

I don’t think I’ve ever had something to obscene, I remember like once I got given some grip that had a massive cig on it. That was pretty funny.

Ye that’s alright aha, talking of paint or spray paint, have you ever painted your nails black since you are a little bit of a mosher?

No, I can’t say I have.

What about your toenails? 

Well I think I’ve messed about with like…


Maybe not pink, maybe orange. But I didn’t do it myself aha.


Anyway, you obviously have a huge passion for skateboarding, what is it that has kept you skating for these number of years?

Skating with my mates and my crew. I feel like the whole people side of it keeps me going really.

What is the current crew?

I mean everyone is on it at the minute. But I mean I like skating with you (Stannerz), Reynolds, Prime when he’s out, Shep gets me hyped, Ben Horse is always a hyper, Keegs is just a nutter and Gez smashes it.

Ye that’s a good crew that. Finally due to skateboarding and being a drinking fanatic, you have recently gone over 1000 followers on Instagram.

AHA mans big in the game!

What you like to say to finish off with to thank all your fans for all the support? 

Erm ye, nice one for liking the same pictures of a can of Stella like every other day. It must keep people on the hype.

Well that’s fantastic Sexual Stu, nice one!

Wait, finally lets get me some more followers ye aha. Peace x



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