An introduction and guide to skateboard bushings.

What are skateboard bushings?

Skateboard bushings are made of urethane and part of a truck’s turning mechanism. They

are cylindrical and conical shaped - sitting between the baseplate and hanger with a kingpin running through their centre.

Bushings help distribute weight, which shifts while riding a skateboard, enabling the rider to turn left or right. The tightness of a kingpin bolt will directly affect how a truck turns as the bushings are given more or less freedom to respond to movement.

The density of bushings also affect how responsive a truck performs. Soft bushings make turning easier, harder bushings require more weight and effort while medium bushings are a good balance.

The bushings found in a pair of trucks are usually of a medium density and are perfect for beginners. Over time you will develop a preference for loose or tight trucks and we stock a variety of bushings which may be more suited to help your trucks to perform in a manner you prefer.

Do skateboard bushings break?

Skateboard bushings almost act as a suspension system to a skateboard and constantly absorb large amounts of pressure and impact. Through general riding and tricks, bushings are constantly compressed and squeezed as turns and tricks are performed. A very tight kingpin nut can be responsible for speeding up the speed at which bushings wear out.

Over long periods of time, bushings may become cracked or squashed affecting a truck’s ability to properly turn. However, if this happens it doesn’t necessarily mean that your trucks are broken; by taking your trucks apart and replacing the bushings with a fresh set your trucks can be put back into working order

We carry a range of quality skateboarding bushings including Bones Hardcore Bushings, Independent Genuine Parts and Deluxe Tack & Supply that are brilliant replacements. Some skateboarders even choose to swap their bushings out for these brands before setting up a new pair of trucks!

However, it is worth considering that if you have been riding a set of trucks for a long time then broken bushings may indicate you need a completely new set of trucks. If you are unfortunate enough to have your bushings break we are happy to help you in-store and offer our best advice to prevent it happening in the future.

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