Griptape Buyers Guide

Griptape is the sandpaper like layer that sticks to the top part of the skateboard. The griptape is composed of a layer similar to a fine sandpaper on the top, and an adhesive side on the other. Different griptape manufacturers have different levels of coarseness, milder griptape will allow your feet to move around the board more easily.

Coarser griptape will help your feet stick to the board and make it easier to “catch” tricks, however it will be more wearing on your shoes. That being said, there is not too much difference between the coarseness of different griptape, as if it was too coarse it would be too difficult to move your feet quickly over the board, and if it was too mild it would not fulfil its purpose of allowing your feet to stick to the board.

Griptape is usually black but it is also available in different colours and patterns, like Torey Pudwill’s Grizzly grip, which is ridden by countless pros and the “Grizzly” stencil has become an almost iconic skate look in recent years. Other manufacturers provide griptape with a die cut logo cut out; this can be useful on a board as it allows you to easily see where the tail is while skating.

All our decks come gripped with Jessup griptape as a standard. To keep your griptape in the best condition, try to avoid riding with wet or muddy shoes, moisture will break down the griptape over time and prevent it from being sticky. Mud and dirt will trap on the surface and do the same.